A Bunch of Random!!

Hey friends! Hope you have been enjoying the Wedding recaps!! If you haven’t already, check out Wedding Festivities Part 1 and Part 2!! I promise to recap the honeymoon soon! But today, I have a bunch of randomness to share!!

First up… I received some Nature’s Pride hamburger/deli buns to review through the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program! I stuck 2 packs in the freezer so they wouldn’t go bad, and we tried out this pack :


Nature’s Pride Country White Buns. I gave the hubby a choice and he wanted to try these first. He is a true white bread lover!! I will say though, the ingredient list on these white buns is wonderful! No HFCS or anything else I can’t pronounce!! We used these buns for all kind of things, such as for sandwiches, turkey burgers, and garlic bread. We both give these a thumbs up for taste!


Here’s one of the turkey sandwiches I made! Yummy!! I always find buns to be a bit high in calories, as this one was. It was 200 calories for 1 bun, and I usually prefer to just eat half a sandwich. But, hubby loves big sandwiches so he really enjoyed these! We are looking forward to trying out the deli rolls and whole wheat buns! I will let y’all know what we think!!

Onto another topic… we have done tons of “house” shopping with the wedding money we got! One of my favorite purchases and the thing I was most excited to get was this:


Cuisinart Griddler!!! I saw this on IGE a while back and knew we had to have one!! It is a grill, griddle, and Panini press all in one! How perfect, right?!?


One side of the plates is grill and the other side is griddle, so all you have to do to switch them is flip them around! Easy as pie!


And it also lays out flat like this! So if you had to grill (or griddle) lots of things, it works out perfectly!!

I used this for the first time 2 nights ago to make Turkey Burgers!! They turned out so yummy with perfect looking grill marks!! This is nice for us because we don’t currently own a gas grill (this will be changing very soon)!! So, I highly suggest investing in the Cuisinart Griddler if it’s something you are looking for!

Onto another topic…. I told you there was a lot of randomness to this post!! Have y’all checked out Jennifer’s new ETSY store?!? She makes awesome hand painted signs and frames and all the proceeds are going help her and her hubby adopt!! I just ordered one from her! Get on it guys!! And Lauren is hosting a giveaway for one of Jennifer’s signs on her blog, so go over and enter!

Ok, last topic… The World Cup!! So, most of you know I really like soccer. I have played basically my whole life! And I am really loving everyone in the sports world being into soccer! It seems like normally, soccer just kinda gets brushed to the backburner, but everyone seems to be into the World Cup! Maybe it’s because USA is doing well?!? Anyway, I have not been able to catch any of the games live! The first 2 were on our trip to and from our Honeymoon, and this week’s game was during an appointment I had. So finally, tomorrow, I will be able to catch the USA playing live! I recorded the last game and I’m so glad I did! What a great end, right?!? Anyone else watching the World Cup?

Well, I think that’s enough for today! Hope y’all have a fabulous Friday! I have a wedding shower to go to for my friend Jennifer tonight! Can’t wait!


  1. I want a Cuisineart Griddler so bad! :)

    P.s. GO USA :)

  2. I bet the shopping for you home was sooo fun!!! :) And thanks for getting the word out about my giveaway!!! Appreciate it!! :)

  3. I have been away from the blogging world for a little while and I missed your wedding. I am so sorry! I just caught up on your posts. Congratulations!!! You are such a beautiful bride!!! I loved looking at your pictures!

  4. I may need to register for one of those griddlers.