In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed it… I moved!! I have a new blog that I will be blogging at from now on! I will no longer be blogging at this site.

Please come check it out: Train Happy 

Come On Over To My NEW BLOG!!

Hey y’all!! The time has come for me to leave this blog and move forward to my new blog: Train Happy!! I have been wanting for a long time to own my own domain and self host, and I decided a whole new blog was in order to be able to focus on races and training.

So please come on over to my new blog Train Happy. I will be blogging there from now on and will not be blogging here at NNA. So make sure to change it in your google readers and follow my new blog.

I am also changing my twitter name to @Train_Happy so if you see that, it’s me!!

Hope y’all enjoy!!

Quick Update + POM + Big News!!

I know I have been MIA the past couple days… I’ve been quite busy :) To catch y’all up on my training, I did an easy 3 mile recovery run on Monday. My legs felt tired and so sore from my 9 miler the day before but I had to get some miles in! My legs loosened up around mile 2 and by then, my run was about over!! I didn’t run again until Friday (due to 12 hour clinical days) and I just did another easy 3 miler because I had a 5k the next day (this morning) and didn’t want my legs to be too tired! I didn’t even wear my Garmin for this run, it felt so weird not to have it on! But anyways, my mileage will be a bit smaller than I would like this week due to my lack of time. Oh well, as long as I get my long run in tomorrow I will be happy!


The wonderful people over at POM Wonderful sent me a case of these cute little bottles of their pomegranate juice to try!


My husband is in love with this stuff and has been drinking them left and right! I am not a huge juice drinker, usually because of the sweetness, but this pomegranate juice has the perfect amount of sweet and tang! It’s very yummy!! 

From the POM Wonderful website:

  • guaranteed to be 100% Pure Pomegranate Juice
  • contains the juice of 4 whole pomegranates per 16 oz
  • no added sugars, colorants or cheap filler juices
  • packed with powerful antioxidants
  • is what you should buy if you want to Get Real

This is good stuff people! I definitely recommend trying POM juice if you haven’t before!!


And last but definitely not least, my exciting big news!! I am officially launching my new blog this afternoon, so stay tuned for the blog name, address, and first post!! I will post it here on NNA so everyone should be able to find it pretty easily. Stay tuned friends… :)

Long Run Sunday

In case you missed it, I announced the St. Jude Blog Raffle Winners yesterday!!

I had a long run on the schedule for today. How long you ask? Well 9 miles, that’s long for me right now :) I made sure to have a good dinner last night and get into bed at a decent time. Who am I kidding, I’m always in bed at a decent time! I like my sleep! Anyway, the weatherman said it was going to be chilly this morning so that means I can sleep in a bit later and don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to run!!

I ended up waking up around 6:30ish. I have FINALLY figured out some pre-run fuel that sits well with my tummy. GU’s. I know it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing and has been the only thing this far that doesn’t give me tummy troubles during the run. So I took one GU before my run and one at mile 5 and carried my handheld water bottle with me. I am really digging my handheld. I definitely wouldn’t be hydrating enough if I didn’t have it with me!!

It was quite chilly this morning! My phone said 48 degrees when I was about to head out for my run. I was a little unsure of what I should wear since it seems like forever since I have run in the cold weather!! I decided to tough it out and wear capris and short sleeves. I’m glad I did because I ended up sweating by the end of my run! It was pretty windy too which made it tough when I was running directly into the wind. And of course, my very last mile was directly into the wind. I felt like I wasn’t moving at times! Haha.

I actually felt really good the entire run, until the very end when my feet were really hurting. I am very happy with my time, seeing as my average pace was a lot faster than the previous two 8 milers I did. So I feel like I am right on track for my half marathon.

My splits:

Mile 1: 10:45

Mile 2: 10:34

Mile 3: 10:39

Mile 4: 10:33

Mile 5: 10:41

Mile 6: 11:21 (walked for a minute to take my GU)

Mile 7: 10:44

Mile 8: 10:45

Mile 9: 10:26


Avg Pace: 10:43

I am very happy with this run!! My legs and feet are sore now, so I’ve been icing my feet and stretching a lot. My plantar fasciitis is giving me lots of problems, which is more annoying than anything. I probably could have benefited from an ice bath, but I usually don’t do those until I get up to 10 miles. Yes, I realize it’s only 1 more mile but I like to “save it” until I hit the double digits. I know, I’m weird :)

I am happy with all my runs for this week. I got in all 4 with a grand total of 21 miles. Not too bad. Wish I could run 5 days per week but 12 hour clinical days kinda limit my time :) How many days a week do you run?

I think that’s it for now, going to go and relax a bit more and ice my feet again. Have a great Sunday!


St. Jude Blog Raffle WINNERS!!!

Hello!! It is time for me to draw winners from my St. Jude Blog Raffle!! I definitely think this was a success!! I am only $25 away from hitting my fundraising goal for my St. Jude Heroes Fund! So thank you to everyone who donated and entered the raffle!!

I am using to draw the 3 winners. I put everyone’s entries into a spreadsheet so I could keep up with them. So without further ado…

The winner of the Zensah Compression Sleeves is: #39 Kristen Barret @ Will Run For Wine

The winner of the CEP Compression Socks is: #8 Erin Moore @ The Moore Diaries

The winner of the Nathan Quick Draw Handheld is: #28 Lauren Owens @ Go Between The Lines

Congrats y’all!! Please email me your addresses by next Saturday, October 9th.

Erin, please also include your color choice for the compression sleeves and your calf circumference at the widest part (for sizing).

Lauren, please also include your color choice for the Nathan Quick Draw Handheld.


On the running front… I have had 12 hours clinicals the past 3 days so this morning was my first day to run since I last posted. I was so exhausted and slept in until 10am! That is unheard of for me but it was definitely needed! I am still tired from my busy week!! I just needed to do an easy run because I have my long run tomorrow. I decided 3 easy miles would be good. Well, the run went ok. It was hot, I felt tired, and I also felt really dehydrated which made this run not so easy!! I am hoping I feel much more well rested for my long run tomorrow, otherwise it’s not going to be pretty!!

I’m trying to mentally pump myself up for my 9 miler in the morning! Anyone do their long runs already this week? How did they go? Anyone running long tomorrow?

Well, that’s really all I have for now! I am still in need of $25 more dollars to hit my fundraising goal, so if anyone would like to donate please go to my St. Jude Heroes Fund webpage and do so!! Thanks y’all! Have a great day!