Quick Update + POM + Big News!!

I know I have been MIA the past couple days… I’ve been quite busy :) To catch y’all up on my training, I did an easy 3 mile recovery run on Monday. My legs felt tired and so sore from my 9 miler the day before but I had to get some miles in! My legs loosened up around mile 2 and by then, my run was about over!! I didn’t run again until Friday (due to 12 hour clinical days) and I just did another easy 3 miler because I had a 5k the next day (this morning) and didn’t want my legs to be too tired! I didn’t even wear my Garmin for this run, it felt so weird not to have it on! But anyways, my mileage will be a bit smaller than I would like this week due to my lack of time. Oh well, as long as I get my long run in tomorrow I will be happy!


The wonderful people over at POM Wonderful sent me a case of these cute little bottles of their pomegranate juice to try!


My husband is in love with this stuff and has been drinking them left and right! I am not a huge juice drinker, usually because of the sweetness, but this pomegranate juice has the perfect amount of sweet and tang! It’s very yummy!! 

From the POM Wonderful website:

  • guaranteed to be 100% Pure Pomegranate Juice
  • contains the juice of 4 whole pomegranates per 16 oz
  • no added sugars, colorants or cheap filler juices
  • packed with powerful antioxidants
  • is what you should buy if you want to Get Real

This is good stuff people! I definitely recommend trying POM juice if you haven’t before!!


And last but definitely not least, my exciting big news!! I am officially launching my new blog this afternoon, so stay tuned for the blog name, address, and first post!! I will post it here on NNA so everyone should be able to find it pretty easily. Stay tuned friends… :)


  1. Yay, can't wait to see the new blog!