Busy Busy!!

I've been rather busy today!! I had my ACLS recertification this morning so I had to get up and head into work at 8am. I had planned to get up at 5am to run. I got up on time, got ready, headed to my treadmill, and started. I was just gonna do a short speed workout but my right calf was still bothering me pretty bad. It was to the point that I was basically hobbling as I ran so I decided this was not a good idea. Instead, I went and did the 3o day Shred. I don't know what the issue is with my calf. I think it's definitely a muscle thing and I've been stretching it. It doesn't hurt when I walk, just when I run and stretch it out. I can feel a huge knot that I've been trying to massage too. But I am planning to try again tomorrow and hopefully it won't be sore because I have a soccer game tomorrow night! At least I got in the SHRED! I love that workout! I'm still on level 1 but planning to go to level 2 very soon!!

After my class, I went to eat with a friend at McAlisters. YUM! I got the veggie pita with a fruit cup. And of course a sweet tea! Freaking love their sweet tea!! Then I mowed and edged my backyard, swept out my garage and sprayed for bugs, then watered all my new plants in the front and back!! After that, I took Sadie on a walk then gave her a bath!! Now I just finished vacuuming and am still working on some laundry! I feel pretty productive today!!

I have some bad news, my air conditioning in my car isn't working:( Boo. I am taking it in tomorrow to be fixed but I'm sure it's gonna be very expensive. But there is no way I will be able to survive without air conditioning during a Memphis summer!! How is everyone else's Monday going??


  1. I hate car repairs...they cost so much!

  2. Myabe it won't be so much. Mine went out last year about this time and it was only a pump or something...couple hundred dollars.

  3. Girl, sounds like you were VERY productive!!!!! Stinks about the air conditioner. Praying it will only cost a small penny!