Good Morning Everyone!!

Our Memphis bloggy meet up was a hit, even though some of us were at a different Chili's location! It all worked out in the end. It's so fun to meet the people you share basically all your thoughts with! It was a blast and we definitely will do it again:)

So, I have been waiting to watch Twillight and I received it from Netflix a couple days ago. Al and I started to watch it Sunday after I got off work but of course, he was making fun of every little thing that went on! So I shut it off and told him I will watch it by myself another day! Well ends up, he watched it 2 nights ago and REALLY liked it! Ha! I am going to finally watch it today! Can't wait!!

I had planned on running this morning but when I got up I really just wasn't feeling it at all!! And since I have soccer tonight, I let myself take a break. I don't want to get burnt out so soon after starting back!! Plus, my legs, mainly my hamstrings, have been really sore and tight on my runs and just throughout the day. I know many of ya'll do yoga for runners so I may have to look into something like that. I don't think my usual stretching routine is cutting it anymore!!

I think I am going to start making it a point to post pics of what I eat, kind of like a picture food log! That way, maybe I can be more accountable of what I am eating!!

Today, I still have to finish some weed killing. I used up a whole huge sprayer bottle of round up and it didn't even do my whole front yard!! So I am going to get more and finish off the rest of my front yard and back yard. I may mow also, depending on time. And of course I will be making time for Twillight!! Then off to soccer tonight! Guess I will have to play extra hard and long tonight since I didn't do my run today! Should be fun!

What is everyone else doing today??


  1. Girl, you do your own yard? Props to you!! I just can't!!

  2. My husband did the same thing on Twlight... he said you went to see that in the movies... LOL I just laughed at him.

    Hope you have fun killing weeds and enjoy the movie!

  3. I'm applying for a position in the medical ICU, thanks for the input!

  4. Fun! A Memphis blog meet-up! How many people did you have show up?

  5. I do not know any bloggers in my town..sad day! But I am glad you girls had fun! I got to spend the day adn night with my mom. She is on vacation this week and we had a girls day/night. It was a blast! I read another blog that describes her food everday and uses pictures. I love it because it always gives me advice, and lord knows I need it, ha!