Busy Thursday!!

I've been busy today!! I got up about 7:45 this morning and went to the Dr. Don't worry, nothing's wrong. It was just a check up:) I then went and picked up Sadie from my parents house and came home. I was debating on whether or not to run today because my legs still feel so tired and I decided to take the day off. So I took Sadie on a walk around our neighborhood. She loves walks. Sadie has this hatred towards kitties. I'm sure it's because we have one that roams our cove and teases her. Well on our walk, she came face to face with a kitty and freaked out! At first she was scared and then she turned into a big, bad dog and barked constantly as I pulled her away. Luckily she got over it fast and moved on!!

I had a lot of cleaning to do. Somehow, my house got so dirty when we were moving the couches in and out last night. Moving them went really well last night! I was able to do it all by myself, with my brother of course! I think the 2 of us made a GREAT team!! But I am so sore today! Every inch of my arms and my back! That was a really good work out!! I love how the new furniture looks! It just makes the room look so different! Before I only had a couch and loveseat, and now I have a couch, loveseat, big chair and ottoman, so I had to change up my whole layout and it looks really good!!

After all the cleaning and laundry, I decided I would try out the 30 day Shred DVD that I got from Netflix yesterday. I have heard so many GREAT things about this!! I really liked it! I just started out at level 1 and it was tough! I really liked how it was only 20 minutes, but a good solid workout!! My plan is to try to do this as often as I can!!

I also decided that I am going to start waking up before work and either running of doing the Shred. And that is super early for me, like 4:30!! I really want to do it though and I think it will really help my running if I can do it 5-6 days a week instead of 3-4. So the plan for tomorrow is to do the Shred and hopefully Saturday I can get up and run before work. I will let ya'll know how it goes. Any tips on how to make yourself get up super early?? Hope everyone has a Great night!


  1. I got a signature today for my blog & i owe it all to you friend :) hope you have a great weekend. stop by my blog again tomorrow

  2. Good luck waking up early! I struggle with this so much! Keep me posted on your shred progress. So far, I'm loving it. Crazy intense though!

  3. hey girl!! good luck on the shred :)

  4. 4:30?? That is CRAZY early! If you find a way to get up that early on a regular basis, please share...

  5. I have heard so much about this Shred workout and I'm now going to have to check it out. It sounds like a really good workout and that's what I need. Good luck on the getting up early thing. I have to be to work everyday at 5am so there is no way I could do anything productive before work. Let us know how it goes but I have no tips on how to convince yourself to get up early. I could use some myself.

  6. Can I just give you one piece of advice? I wake up at 5am to go work out and the key is to go to bed early if you can, or it's next to impossible to get up, haha!!!!

  7. 4:30 seems out of control! You are one dedicated lady!