Busy Monday!

Hope everyone had a good Easter! I really didn't, I worked all day then was in a bad mood when I left. No reason really, just was in a funk. But I kept reminding myself the reason for Easter and to be thankful for my Savior!!

I decided to take Sunday as a rest day from running/working out, so I got to sleep in my extra hour before work. I actually kinda missed getting up early and working out before work. I felt GREAT on Friday and Saturday when I did! So I am planning to continue to work out before work, either getting a run in or doing the Shred!!

On to today's workout... The weather was kinda iffy today, so I was just gonna play it by ear. I decided to get up, eat breakfast, and be lazy for a little while before my run. So at about noon when I was about to head out for a 3 miler, the skies opened and it started raining. No big deal, it was windy anyway, so I headed in to my treadmill and did my 3 miler there! I really had to keep distracting myself so I wouldn't look at the time but it wasn't that bad. I watched the new Real World/ Road Rules Challenge while I ran. So much drama on that show! It's very entertaining! After running, I did level 1 of the 30 day Shred. It was much tougher after a run!! But I am glad I got it in. I am on day 3 of level 1. I think I'm going to stick to it for 30 days and see what my results are. I really enjoy doing it, although I wish I had 3 lb weights instead of 5! Some of those arm strength moves are killers!!

I was pretty busy today with other things like cleaning, grocery shopping, giving Sadie a bath, and writing a letter of recommendation for a friend. It will be nice to relax tonight! I am cooking Tilapia with a baked potato for Al, sweet potato for me and some green beans in a balsamic vinegar sauce!! I am trying to log my food into an online food diary thing called FitDay. I did this when I trained for my half marathon. It will calculate up all your calories, fat, carb, protein intake for the day when you enter your food in. You can also enter exercise in to see what kind of relationship you have between calories in versus calories out. I think it keeps me from snacking on random things because it's harder to log a random amount of something than it is to log one serving. Anyway, it's kinda fun to do! Hope everyone has a great rest of their Monday!! I'm off to work bright and early in the morning!


  1. You need to come fix me dinner! That sounds wonderful!

  2. Sorry youor Easter wasn't that awwesome. That dinner sounds delicious! Hook me up with that balsamic vinegar sauce recipe!

  3. I sometimes watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge to see the drama...it can be pretty good sometimes!

  4. Awesome job girl. I totally watch shows like that when I run on the treadmill..anything from For The Love Of Ray Jay to Rock Of Love...its all fantastic!

  5. Such a bummer that you had to work on Easter, but I hope it turned out to be a good one once you put things in perspective :)