Weekend, Bloggy meet up, running

This weekend at work was SO SLOW!! I guess that's a good thing though! Last night after work, a bunch of us went to Hueys to eat. I LOVE Huey's, especially their cheese fries! It's so bad for my healthy eating diet! Haha but I can't resist. I normally get a turkey burger, and they are o so good but last night I decided to try a veggie burger. It was AWFUL! I will definitely stick to my turkey burger instead!

Tonight is the Memphis Bloggy meet up! I am so excited! Plus I have been craving Chili's chips and salsa since we set this dinner up! I haven't been to Chili's in forever. I think it's gonna be so fun!

I had to get my run in kind of early this morning because I have lunch plans, then grocery shopping, then weed killing in my yard, then dinner so I have a fun filled day! I did my hilly 3.1 mile route again and it as great! My trusty Garmin told me I ran about 10:14 min miles which was better than my 10:30 min miles last time! Yay! Improvement is so nice! I am hoping it increase my long run this week to at least 3.5 miles maybe 4 if I am feeling up to it. We will see!! I tried to start watching Twillight last night but I was too tired so hopefully I can fit that in today! I can't wait to see it! Hope everyone has an awesome day! And for you Memphis girls, see ya'll tonight!


  1. I'm very sad. I'm not gonna be able to come tonight! While y'all are there tonight, plan another one, so I can come to it!!! Have fun!!

  2. That is so fun that you are actually meeting up with some blog friends. Hope you all have a great time!

  3. Oh no! So sad Melissa can't come! We will have to plan another one tonight!

  4. Have fun at your meet-up!! That sounds like it'll be a blast! I love Chili's!

  5. Happy for you that your runing is getting better and better!