Belated 4th of July!

Happy (belated) 4th of July!! I’ve been at the lake, hence why this post is up a day late :) Anyway, I had a fabulous 4th of July weekend at our lake house with my family, minus the hubby. He had to work :( I did lots of tanning, swimming, and wake boarding!! I was very happy to be able to get another open water swim under my belt! I felt a lot stronger this time, which means that all the swimming I’ve been doing has really made a difference!! I also got a super hilly run in while I was there. The hills in that part of KY are massive!!

I also got in a lot of wake boarding! Here are some pics my mom got!





I love how every summer I can pick it right back up!!

This was possibly the last time I will be at the lake this summer, since school starts back this week :( I am super sad I won’t be able to go to our Family Week in a few weeks. That’s such a fun time! I love my family!!

We had some great food this weekend!! From chips and home made salsa, to turkey burgers, to blackberry cobbler, to my grandma’s famous potato salad, yum!! We ate so well!! I just didn’t get enough of the cobbler this weekend, so I am making another one tonight!! Recipe to come :) Easiest and BEST cobbler recipe you will ever try!!

Before I left for the lake this weekend, I made hubby and I some yummy Stuffed Turkey Burgers using a recipe I got over at IGE!! They were fabulous! Kristin’s really got some great recipes and ideas goin on!!


I stuffed our Turkey Burgers with shredded sharp cheddar! With the Balsamic reduction and chopped tomatoes of course!!!


Along with a mix of home made french fries and sweet potato fries!! Y’all, this burger was AMAZING!! Hubby said it was the best one I’ve made yet!! Thanks Kristin for the wonderful recipe!!

Well friends, I think that’s all I have for you right now! My new patio furniture and Runner World magazine are calling my name! Gotta relax before I start back to school Wednesday!! And on that note, I was supposed to start back tomorrow but got an email saying we won’t start back until Wednesday! Gotta love a surprise extra day of summer break!!

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer??

Mine’s definitely going to the lake!!



  1. How fun!!! Nothing beats a weekend at the lake!!! :)

  2. Going to the lake is definitely one of my favorites too. We haven't gotten to go near as much this year with so many wedding activities.

  3. Its all about the beach for me :)

    great pics!

  4. A weekend at the lake house with your family founds fantastic! Love those wake boarding pics! I've never tried it but I LOVE jet skiing and wake boarding looks even better!

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.