Stuffed Peppers, Waffles, and Another BRICK

Hello!! I hope the week has been going well for everyone! Mine’s been busy, busy, as usual!! I’ve had some good workouts the past couple days, so lets recap!!

Tuesday: It was a rainy day and I had a run scheduled, so I hit up the treadmill for a 3 mile Fartleck run! My favorite is the 5-4-3-2-1 where you run 5 minutes hard, run 2 minutes easy, run 4 minutes hard, run 2 minutes easy, run 3 minutes hard, run 2 minutes easy, run 2 minutes hard, run 2 minutes easy, run 1 minute hard, run 2 minutes easy. I added a 0.6 mile warm-up and that ended up being 3 miles! Great run!!

Wednesday: I was too busy to get a workout in, plus I had a Brick scheduled for today, so I just took it as a rest day :)

Thursday (Today!!): BRICK!! I am totally loving my BRICK workouts. Today I did 10 miles on the bike and 1.5 miles running. It was tough but felt a lot easier than last week! I think mainly because I got up and headed out this morning at 5:45am and last week I didn’t start until 10:30am! There’s a big heat difference there!! I ran my 1.5 miles at a 9:04 pace, which totally felt like I was going a lot slower than that! I felt like my legs were barely moving, but obviously they were!!

So, I was looking at the race website for my TRI in a few weeks and just now realized that the run is a trail run! Yikes!! I’ve never run on trails!! Now granted, it says it’s a pretty open and flat trail, but still that makes me a bit MORE nervous!! So y’all, I need some trail running advice!! Anything would be helpful!!


Ok, let’s switch gears to my other favorite topic… FOOD!! I’ve made a few yummy dinners that I want to share!! Ever since I first tried out my waffle maker a few weeks ago, I’ve been obsessed!! So hubby and I were having a movie night the other night, and I wanted something easy and quick to make! In came the WAFFLES!! Per usual, they were fab!!



The best (and only) way to eat waffles, in my opinion, is topped with yogurt, tons of fruit, and a little maple syrup!! YUM-O!! These were wonderfully delish!! I may or may no have had them again for breakfast this morning :) The great thing about waffles is that you can make them ahead of time, freeze, then take them out and pop them in the toaster and it’s like you just made them! Perfection!!

And BTW, the movies we watched were The Bounty Hunter and The Book of Eli. They were both GREAT! The Bounty Hunter was so funny and cute and The Book of Eli was more serious but with a great story line and lots of action! I recommend them both!!

Last night, I decided to try my hand at making some Stuffed Peppers!! They turned out really good!! I’m not going to post my recipe just yet because I still need to play around with it. It’s not perfect just yet :)


I used all 4 colors of bell peppers!!




I ate the orange one :) I really enjoyed making (and eating!) the Stuffed Peppers so you will be seeing them more and more as I try to perfect my recipe!!

Alright friends, gotta jet. I have to get ready for class! Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Great job on your work outs girl. I like your 5-4-3-2-1 work out, sounds like a good idea! Might just have t try that the next time I am on the 'mill. Good job keeping up those BRICK workouts! I tried to make stuffed peppers once, they totally sucked. I am interested to what yours are like!

  2. Okay, seriously, those peppers look AMAZING!!!!!!! :) And the waffles, don’t even get me started on those, haha!!!

  3. Yum can't wait for the recipe!

  4. Oh wow, I haven't had stuffed peppers in ages! You just reminded me that I need to make them again.

    Glad you are having a great week girl!

  5. Those peppers look so great!! I've yet to try to make stuffed peppers and I don't know why. Maybe this weekend!