Tri Shorts and Bike Rides

Hello friends!! Whew, today has been a whirlwind day! Mostly school related! This semester is already crazy. I woke up this morning to some crazy thunderstorms and rain. Not a fun 40 minute drive into school when they are talking about flash floods all over the interstate that I’m on. But, I made it! And only a minute or two late :)

Today was a rest day from training. I’m trying to make myself take one full day off from training a week and do nothing! It’s tough! Even if I don’t have a run, bike, or swim workout scheduled I still like to strength train or walk on the treadmill. But today was my total rest day and that’s what I’ve been doing! Well, resting physically at least. Mentally I feel like I’ve been running a marathon!

So let’s talk about my bike ride yesterday. I didn’t really have a set mileage scheduled, just wanted to go at least the distance of my sprint tri bike (11 miles). Now keep in mind that the terrain right around my house is all hills. Literally, not a flat stretch in sight, which make for a tough ride in my opinion! I feel like I could ride much longer on flat stretches!! Well, after my first long hill, I was huffing and puffing, and I decided to just take it easy. There is no need to be a speed demon when you feel tired and since this was my last workout of the week, I knew my body was definitely a bit tired. So I ended up riding 12 miles at around a 12.4 mph pace which is slower than I’ve been doing my rides, but it was nice to take it a bit easier and really enjoy the ride!!

I’m debating on whether to splurge and buy some tri shorts for this race or not. I’ve been riding my 12-15 mile bike rides in just my regular spandex running shorts and have been fine, so I’m thinking of just using those for the race. What do y’all think?! Do I need the extra butt padding?

If I do decide to get some, I will probably buy these:

tri shorts

I’ve heard really good thing about these Pearl Izumi Tri Shorts from others, but as you can see they are a bit pricey ($55). So I have yet to decide if I need them or not. Any suggestions?

Alright y’all, gotta go get some dinner. It’s pizza night and hubby’s cooking! Love that!! Have a great night!

PS: Who is still watching The Bachelorette?! It’s so drama filled and fun! Keeps me entertained! You bet I finished up all my school work already so I can have my eyes glued to the tube tonight :)


  1. It's amazing how a day of full rest really revamps the body for the next workout! It's hard for me to rest as well, but when I do, I feel like my workout the next day is twice as better as it could have been if I would have pushed myself.

    Hmmm, not sure about the bike shorts because I don't bike that much, but I hear you want to find ones with good padding. I can see why! Biking for 20 min always hurts my hiney! ;)

  2. I struggle to take rest days too! I tend to push the envelope and take one every 10 to 12 days. :) My siblings are really into tri's and I know they always wear biking shorts. But I'm sure you could get by with regular spandex!

    I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette fanatic!! Never miss a season.

  3. I just came across your blog and although I am only running right now, I know I could not do the bike without the padded shorts, but I am a wimp when it comes to my butt and hoo-haw lol.

    I too am a bachelorette fanatic, love this season! I can't wait to see what happens in Tahiti!

    Keep up the good work on training, it's inspiring to read (and your stuffed peppers look delish too)!