Happy Hump Day!! Today I started back to school. My summer break is officially over :( I’m sad. Looks like it’s gonna be a super busy semester too. But like hubby says, you gotta start back to finish! And December 2011 can’t come fast enough! Haha.

We are trying out our new gas grill tonight! I am very excited! We are grilling out some turkey burgers for our first attempt. I figure you can’t mess those up too bad, right?! I will let y’all know tomorrow how they are.

I set my alarm for 5:30am this morning so I could run before class, but that didn’t happen. I definitely reset it in the middle of the night! Haha. So, that meant I had to run this afternoon. I wasn’t really feeling the treadmill today, so I decided to suck it up and run outside in the 90-100 degree temps! What was I thinking?! It was so hot, and I definitely wasn’t optimally hydrated. I made it 2 miles and decided that was enough for today, so I came home and walked 3 more miles on the treadmill. I was a hot sweaty mess after that run and felt like I ran a lot more than 2 miles! The heat really takes it out of you! Tomorrow I have my first every BRICK workout (bike and run back to back) and I am very excited! Any tips??

I read in my Runners World magazine yesterday that the average woman should consume 91oz of water a day to stay hydrated. Holy cow that’s a lot of water! That’s about 6 of my 16oz water bottles!! Right now, I maybe drink 2-3 bottles a day so I really need to step that up!! I always feel so much better on my runs and just in general when I’m well hydrated.

What are your thoughts on that? How much water do you drink a day?

I have not been a big fan of Crystal Light until just recently when they came out with the Crystal Light Pure Fitness. It has no artificial sweeteners! I can’t stand the taste of the artificial sweeteners. So far I’ve tried the lemon-lime flavor and really like it! It’s a nice change from just plain water all the time!

crystal light

Anyone else tried this??

Well friends, I think this is enough for this random post! Have a great day!!


  1. Haha, don't you just love calling him hubby now? :) Wow, you seriously ran in this heat? How are you still alive? LoL