Pepperoni Pizza Scones

2 posts in one day! I’m on a roll!! I made something really yummy for dinner tonight! I saw this recipe on Little Bitty Bakes and knew I had to make it! I love anything that has to do with pizza!! So tonight, Pepperoni Pizza Scones it was!!

They were really easy to make, but ended up a little stickier than they probably should have been. Maybe use less milk next time?? They were more like biscuit batter so I just decided to drop them onto the cookie sheet instead of cut them into 12 slices. It worked out just fine too!


I also used turkey pepperoni, it was yummy!!


Nice and golden brown.


I had some marinara sauce on the side for the full pizza effect!


These were VERY good! They were very biscuit like, which I really enjoyed! Pizza + Biscuits = Fabulous!! I definitely recommend these! Plus it makes a lot so there will be lots of leftovers!!


Alright friends, I need your help! Tomorrow night I am going to a Thai restaurant for dinner with a friend and have no idea what to get! So what is your favorite dish to order at a Thai restaurant? 

Ok, back to house hunters!! Have a great night!


  1. What a great idea! Love the pizza scones.

    Okay, some Thai tips for you now. One of my favorite dishes is the spicy eggplant with tofu or the yellow coconut curry, but if you are new to Thai, you may not want to start off with a Curry dish. Some people don't like the strong taste, but a lot of people LOVE it! I would suggest the Summer Rolls to start, the Papaya Salad, and the Sweet and Sour Chicken or Tofu. I think this was my exact first Thai meal! ;)

  2. Those look and sound so good! And, I love your cute plates too!

  3. That looks SO yummy!!!

  4. I just checked those out...I'm definitely going to have to try them! They look simple and tasty.

  5. These look absolutely DELISH!!!!!!! :)

  6. These look absolutely DELISH!!!!!!! :)

  7. Thai food is one of my favorites! I love pad thai and my new favorite is red curry. I also love tom ka khai soup.