More Tri Oxford and Workouts

Hello friends!! Happy Tuesday!! The weather has been really quite nice today, as in heat index below 100! Hopes it stays like that!!

Thanks to a sweet blog reader, Courtney, I now have my official race results from Tri Oxford! So here they are…

Swim: 8:49

T1: 1:06

Bike: 53:27

T2: 1:21

Run: 33:36

Total: 1:38:18

I have got to work on my transition times! My brother tells me they are too slow, haha. I thought I was going fast! But what do I know, right?! LOL.

They also got a nice picture of me on the bike. Click here to check it out. What do you think? I look like I’m concentrating pretty hard!! Haha.

I decided to take Sunday off from running since I did the Tri Oxford the day before, but it didn’t stop me from getting a nice swim workout in!! Memphis folks: I am in need of an indoor swimming pool for the fall/ winter so I can keep up my swimming. Do y’all have a favorite gym that has a indoor pool? I probably will be leaning towards the cheaper ones since all I really need from a gym is the indoor pool. Help a girl out!!

Last night was my Women Run Memphis group. The weather was so much nicer than the last couple weeks and I didn’t feel like I would die from heat stoke, just from exhaustion! Haha, they really know how to work us! I love it :)  We did 6X400 with a 1 mile warm-up and cool-down. That gave me a total of 3.7 miles in 34:37! It was tough but I love doing 400’s! Probably my favorite speed work distance. Something about running hard for a short distance is a nice change!!

And I was definitely sore this morning! So biking it was!! I rode 12 miles in 49:29 with and average speed of 14.6. It was pretty windy so that made it hard going one way, which of course was on the way back!! I’m hoping my legs are less sore tomorrow for my morning run! I think some stretching is in order tonight!!

And last but not least… look what I picked up today:


Triathlete Magazine!! Can’t wait to read it tonight!! I hope y’all have a fabulous night!!


  1. Great job Nikki! You are becoming quite the Triathlete! :)