Rest Day Wednesday

Today was a rest day for me, but that’s not going to stop me from telling you about my last 2 days of workouts!!

Lets back up to Monday…Monday’s are my evening group runs with the Women Run Memphis group. They always evil things planned for us (hills, speed work, etc) and this past Monday was no exception! And when I say “evil”, I’m being sarcastic! It’s the kind of workouts that are super tough that only someone else can push you and make you do because you aren’t about to give up if everyone else is doing it! Know what I’m talking about?! Ha! On tap for us was 400 repeats, not on flat ground people, but on hills!! It was tough! The downhill part was very nice but the speedy uphills were killer! We did a little over a mile warm-up, 6X400 repeats, and another mile cool down for a total of 4 miles. It was great in a I don’t think I could run another step kinda way!! And the best part was that my stomach behaved the entire time! No cramping, gurgling, or side stitches. It was amazing. I really look forward to running on Monday nights with this group! I’m usually a solo runner, so it’s nice to mix it up a bit. I’m going to be sad when it’s over.

And on to Tuesday… My legs were super sore from the speed work we did Monday night so I knew a run was not going to happen. So I did the next best thing…bike!! The weather was actually pretty nice, except for the breeze that made the ride tough and messed up all my downhill’s! All in all it was a good, hilly ride that made my legs even more sore, again in a good way :) Here’s my stats:

10 miles in 40:35

Avg Speed 14.7 mph

And like I said, today is a rest day. My legs were begging for it!! I am doing my long run tomorrow since I decided to go ahead and run a 5k on Saturday!! I will be doing the Forrest Spence 5K. Forrest Spence was a little baby who passed away in our unit a few years ago and his parent’s set up a foundation in his name to help assist the non-medical needs of critically or chronically ill children and their families throughout the Midsouth. So it’s a GREAT cause and I have actually never run that race route before! So it will be a new course for me! And I hear it’s not very hilly :) Will anyone else be joining me on Saturday at this race?!?

Well friends, gotta get back to studying for my HUGE drug test that’s less than 2 weeks away! Yikes!


  1. Great workouts. I bet running with the group is definitely more challenging but doing amazing things for your training!

  2. Sounds like those Monday group workouts are great - I might need to start doing something like that!