YoLo Frozen Yogurt

Hey peeps!! How’s your Sunday been treating ya? My morning was fabulous, afternoon not so hot since I’ve been studying! Haha!!

I’ve noticed a new obsession recently in the blog world: Self Serve Fro-yo! Memphis has been a bit slow on the uptake and has not had a self serve fro-yo place available, until this week that is!! I have seriously been DYING to go to a self serve place since I love, love, love me some frozen yogurt!! So, I was ecstatic when Erin informed me of one that opened earlier this past week in our area!!

Knowing my mom is a lover of fro-yo also, I thought she would be the best taste tester buddy to bring along!! So after church, we went out to lunch at the Silver Caboose and then headed to YoLo in the Collierville Town Square.



It was such a cute little place inside, a lot bigger than it looked from the outside!! They had 8 different flavors to try, although I decided 3 was enough for one visit. Gives me a reason to keep going back, right?!


This was the instruction board: Get a cup, fill it with whatever and however much fro-yo you want, top with whatever toppings you would like, and pay by the ounce!! Super easy!!


Here’s my mom, loading up her cup :)


Check out this topping bar!! Anything you could think of was on that topping bar! And come to find out, all the toppings are from local farms and bakeries! How much more fabulous could this place be?!


I loaded up my cup with Blueberry Tart, Birthday Cake, and Pomegranate Energy Fro-yo. Toppings included a variety of local grown fruits, heath bar chips, and some brownie chunks. OMG! Best fro-yo I’ve ever had!! It was so rich and creamy and bursting with flavor!! And the toppings were so fresh!! 2 thumbs up!


And here’s my mom’s bowl. She went with Espresso, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate fro-yo with some chocolate chips, pecans, and local candied pecans. She gave it 2 thumbs up also!!

This place is seriously fabulous and I will definitely be hitting it up all the time! I highly recommend YoLo to anyone in the Memphis and surrounding area and they are supposed to be opening one in the East Memphis area also!!


On to RUNNING!!! I made myself get up at the crack of dawn this morning (5:30 am) so I could get a 5 miler in before church. 5 miles is the longest distance I’ve run in a long time, so I wanted to take it slow! My first 2 miles were probably a bit too slow, but I kept telling myself to slow down so I didn’t get too tired! But after the 1st 2 miles, I picked up my pace a bit and felt good the entire run!! Lots of hills on this run also!!

Time: 53:54 (might seriously be my slowest 5 miler ever, ha!)

Mile 1: 11:19 (way to slow)

Mile 2: 11:04 (still way to slow, must pick up pace)

Mile 3: 10:43 (better)

Mile 4: 10:47 (ok, getting a bit tired)

Mile 5: 10:03 ( got a little burst of energy at the end!)

Avg Pace: 10:47

So, not my best time of course, but my goal was to be able to finish without feeling the need to stop or walk. This was a success!! I know my pace will pick back up to normal once the temp gets a bit cooler (since we are still rocking the excessive heat warnings everyday), as I increase my distance, and as I continue to run more consistently, since Tri season is almost over :(    So, all in all, a good run and a good running week! 18 miles total!

I have officially decided to run the St. Jude Half Marathon again this year, so training for that will start at the beginning of September!! Perfect timing to start training, since my last Tri is this coming Saturday. Looking forward to it!! I really enjoyed that race last year! What is your favorite marathon/half marathon?

Well friends, that’s all I got! Looking forward to another drama filled episode of Big Brother tonight! Have a great rest of your Sunday!!


  1. Next time I'm in Collierville, I'm definitely stopping by there!! I didn't even know about it.

  2. Mmmm, self-serve fro yo is so good and fun! Glad you got a longer run in today. :)

  3. I've been dying to try that place. I wish you hadn't told me it was so good because now I'll become addicted :) I've become a HUGE TCBY addict in the last month or so...but I'm sure theirs is way better! Maybe I'll give myself a special birthday treat tomorrow! :)

    I did a 5k Saturday...I haven't been running more than 2 miles at a time, so the last mile was kinda rough for me. I finished in 31:40 though..so not too shabby!!

  4. Katie- I think a birthday treat is definitely in order!! Great job on the 5k!!

  5. Wow! You look a lot like your mom!

  6. I've been wondering about YoLo...thanks for the tip. I'll now have to try it soon.

  7. That looks SO yummy. I don’t think we have any of those around here :(