Product Reviews, Long Run, and Wedding Pictures!

I’ve received some fun stuff the past couple weeks that I have gotten to try and review!! First up, the people from the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program sent me some Arnold Sandwich Thins to try out!!

sandwich thins 

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’ve had these before, but they are super yummy so of course I said I would do a review of them!! So far we have used them to make some awesome sandwiches, garlic bread, and as buns for turkey burgers and hamburgers!! These sandwich thins are VERY versatile!! And they don’t take away from the actual flavors of the sandwich or burger! You know how sometimes all you taste is bread? Well these sandwich thins eliminate that problem! They’ve got great nutrition info too!!

And onto my next item… The kind people at Thermos contacted me to see if I would like to test out one of their water bottles, the Intak vacuum insulated hydration bottle! Of course!! I am seriously, water bottle obsessed and this is the best one I have used to date!!


Love the design on the outside and the fact that the straw/sippy thing is hidden so no germies get on it! It holds 18oz and is made of stainless steel.


It is supposed to keep water cold for 12 hours!! Well, I haven’t left water in their for 12 hours straight yet, but I have for about 6 hours and this bottle definitely kept it cold!! Plus, it doesn’t sweat so no water drippings or rings on your tables!!


And of course it’s BPA free!! This is the straw/sippy thing. All you do is push the little button on the front of the bottle and the top flips up and there is your straw for you to sip away on!! Seriously, love, love, love this bottle! You must go get one!!


Now onto my long run from early this morning… It probably wasn’t the best idea to do my long run after racing the Forrest Spence 5k yesterday (recap here). But I decided to anyway since my long run right now is only 6 miles. I got up super early so I could drive out to where my parents live and run out there before church. I needed a change of scenery since I run the same routes by my house all the time!! I’ve run the 6 mile route that I ran this morning many times and it has a good mix of hills and flats. The temp felt pretty warm this morning and definitely humid. I was drenched by the time I finished!!

I started off my run and immediately my legs felt tired and my PF was killing me! I knew if I just made it through the first mile, my legs would wake up and the PF would disappear. And it did. The first couple miles have some good hills and I was definitely feeling it. I thought I might have to take a few breaks but I tossed that thought away, did some positive self talk, and kept pushing on! Mile 3 came and went and I knew I was halfway done and could definitely finish this run! I stopped and took a quick sip from the water fountain around mile 4.5 and then went on to finish the 6 miles! Another reason I love running out by my parent’s house is that there are some many other runners out all the time! Where I live, I think I am seriously the ONLY runner! I have never seen anyone else run!! I was tired at the end but felt pretty good! Gotta love that!! Here are my splits:

6 miles in 1:02:50

Mile 1: 11:01 (Super slow because of my PF)

Mile 2: 10:22 (Feet feeling much better!!)

Mile 3: 10:24

Mile 4: 10:30

Mile 5: 10:33

Mile 6: 10:11

Avg Pace: 10:29

I’ll take that!! Pace isn’t too bad for a long run pace. Hopefully I will be able to knock that down soon!! Overall, definitely a good run!

I discovered the BEST post-run refuel: Chocolate Milk!! Yummy!!


And last but not least… My professional wedding pictures are FINALLY online!! If y’all would like to look at the go here. Click on Nikki and Al and the password is douglas. Let me know what you think! I am beyond happy and can’t wait to get my album!!

Have a fabulous night!!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! Somehow, I've managed to not ever had a sandwich thin so I can't wait to try some! And I feel you on the only runner.. some mornings I feel like I'm the only one out there!