TGIF to everyone! Except for me that is…. I have to spend ALL WEEKEND studying for a test on Monday. So sad! Good thing it’s as hot as Hades outside! Makes me happy to stay inside all day! Plus, I have a wonderful study buddy:


And definitely a lazy one at that!! Speaking of doggies, have y’all read this months Runner’s World magazine yet? They have a huge segment on dogs as running buddies!! As I’ve said on here recently, the hubs and I are seriously considering getting another dog! We had decided on a small dog, a Yorkie, but after reading that article and talking about it a bit, we are now torn!! I want a running buddy! I guess we will just have to really think about it for the next couple of months so we don’t make a rash decision! What would y’all get? A tiny pup that’s so stinkin cute, that you can dress up (hehe) or a bigger dog that is a house protector and could be your running buddy?

I decided to take a rest day off from training today since I did my big BRICK workout yesterday. My legs were kinda feeling it this morning! I like “active” rest days so I walked about 3.5 miles and did some yoga/stretching. It was nice. Do you prefer “active” rest days or days of complete rest during training?

I'm still having major issues with plantar fascitis on my right foot so I’m trying to be extra good about stretching/icing in hopes that it will go away someday. Anyone else suffer or have suffered from PF? Any hints, tips, or tricks to make it go away?

I really don’t have much else to talk about today, seeing as I have literally been stuck inside reading about OB anesthesia. I know all of y’all find that SUPER exciting! Haha.

I hope y’all have a fabulous Friday night! I am looking forward to Chicken Quesadillas and homemade Guacamole with my hubby tonight!!


  1. Well you definitely couldn't use a little dog as a running buddy but they are so much fun. I always had big dogs until I got Sammy. Now, I will never have another big dog. Little dogs are just so different.

  2. I do the towel scrunch exercise and it seems to help with my PF some.

    Just put a towel under your bare foot, then use your toes to "scrunch"/pull it towards you continually. Its supposed to strengthen your foot.

    The biggest help has been orthotics and injections. Wish I could get away from those.

  3. I vote a big dog who can be your running buddy and protector..but maybe I'm biased :)

    I like active rest days too. I still try to walk, elliptical (slowly), or do free weights! I can't sit still for too long!!

  4. Hmm, I can see how you're torn with the dog decision! I have always wanted a small dog, but lately I'm thinking a bigger running buddy would be nice. Tough!!

    I am all for active rest days. I actually use those days to swim, since swimming is like walking for me. :)