Opinions Wanted!!

Good morning friends! I have a dilemma that I need your opinions on! Last night, I went to go sign up for the St. Jude Half Marathon on Dec. 4th only to find out that the half is officially SOLD OUT. I was so upset, like literally in tears! I ran this half last year and loved it and I really wanted to run it again! Plus, I have a lot of friends running it. I can’t believe it is sold out. I checked a few days ago and it wasn’t. So now I don’t know what to do! I have 2 options that I need your opinion on. What would you do?

Option 1

Pay to run the full St. Jude Marathon but only run the half. The pro is I obviously get to run the race! But there are a few cons… First, it’s more expensive by $25. It’s not a ton, but remember, I am a poor grad student!! And the second con is that I will not have an official time because I didn’t finish the race I signed up for. Not to mention, I will be the girl with the marathon bib coming into the finish of the half marathon looking like I just couldn’t do the race I signed up for.

Option 2

Run the Bass Pro Shop Half Marathon in Springfield, Mo on Nov. 7th. The pros of this are it’s a cheaper race, my grandparents live there so I will have somewhere to stay and get to visit them, and I’ve never run this one before and it’s always fun to run new races!! Plus, I will get an official time! And now the cons… First, it’s a whole month earlier than St. Jude so my training plan would only be 10 weeks long starting yesterday! I think I will be ready for it but the extra month of training for St. Jude may improve my race time. Second,  it is out of town, about 5-6 hours from me, so I will have to travel there, but my mom did already say she would go with me.

So, you see the dilemma? What do I do? What would you do?


Our Women Run Memphis group run went well last night. For the second week in a row, no tummy troubles!! I am attributing this to eating waffles for lunch. Did it the last 2 weeks and had no issues!! We started out with a mile warm-up then proceeded to do a negative split workout. We ran for 12 minutes in one direction, then the coaches blew the whistle. We turned around and had to run back to the start faster than 12 minutes to achieve our negative split. I definitely got a negative split! I ran 12 minutes the first direction than 11:14 the second direction, cutting 46 seconds off my time! I liked that one! Then we did a cool-down giving me a total of 4.2 miles for the entire run. I am so sad we only have 1 more group run left!

Well friends, I’m off to start my day. Please give me your thoughts on my half marathon issue!! Thanks!!


  1. Maybe the 2nd one in Missouri. I wouldn't want to pay more for something you do not intend on doing. That stinks they sold out though!

  2. I would do the half, but are there not any other halfs in your area?

  3. The reason I don't think you should do the marathon, and then stop halfway is that everyone there will be doing a marathon. it will be this whole energy, and then you'll stop halfway and it will be anti-climatic, and you won't have that official time. I say leave the marathon for when you're actually going to do it so you can feel the same excitement and buzz that everyone else will!

  4. Hmm, tough decision! I know some people who have signed up for fulls and only done half's, and it's not a huge deal. Remember not to think about what others will think! Also, traveling usually involves expenses, so while the race in MO might be cheaper, there will be added expenses. Just some things to think about. :) Nov. 7th is the day of my marathon!

  5. Nicole- No, there aren't any other half's in my area until the spring :( And if I sign up for the full, there is a half on the same course too and they just break off from the marathoners at mile 13 to go to the finish so there would be a finish line and all and I would still get a medal :) I would just have a bib that says marathon rather than half marathon. Everything else would be the same.

  6. A few years ago I registered and trained to do the St. Jude Full. I got hurt, and decided to walk the half instead. Because I wasn't registered for that race, they wouldn't give me a medal. I kinda pitched a fit and got one bc I had just walked for over 3 hours in the freezing cold and was not going to go empty handed when I knew they order extra medals for this sort of thing, but just a heads up. :) Another friend did the same thing and they didn't give him one at all so he didn't have one after the race... but I emailed the race director for him and they mailed him one after... but still, a bit anticlimatic.

  7. Hey girl. Thanks for your comments on my race report! I'll email you later today about a couple of triathlon blogs that I've been enjoying.

    I think you should do the bass pro shop one. (my husband would be so jelous of that by the way :). I wouldn't sign up for a marahton and just do the half. It's just not cool. Plus I totally agree with rasberry - it's a totally different vibe. Part of the deal with racing is that you get to feed on the people around you and trust me, The marathon vibe is WAY different than a half vibe.

    Plus you'll get to spend time with your grandmother! Way cool!!! You can't put a price on that.

  8. Niki, I didn't realize that!! if you're still going to get a medal and others will be doing it, then hellyeah, go for it!!

  9. I'd say the second. I know the St. Judes is close to your heart, but I don't think it would really feel right not being able to have your time or crossing the finish line. Just think of it this way, there is probably a reason why it was sold out. I often like to look at situations like these as little signs that life is telling me it has a better option. Whatever you decide, you know I always support you!!