Waffles and 4 milers

Happy Saturday y’all! Hope your weekend has started out fabulous! I have already been very productive this morning! Gotta love that!! It all started with an early morning 4 mile run. It was already super humid at 6am and by the time I was finished, I was drenched!! I can’t remember the last time I ran 4 miles. Due to triathlon training, I’ve been doing smaller mileage runs since the run portion is only 2 miles and I’ve had to find time to swim and bike also! But, I’m ready to start picking back up my mileage now so I’ll be ready for some longer races in the fall/winter!! Anyway, this run was tough, mainly due to blisters on the bottom of my big toes!! I always get really bad hot spots there during the summer and today it was extremely bad! Around mile 3, I had to completely change up my gate so my toes skin didn’t feel like it was ripping off! Crazy, right?!? Any tips for this? I’ve tried all different kinds of socks and none are better than the other. I think I used Body Glide last summer and that helped a bit so I will be trying that out again soon. But, I still managed to finish it strong!

After my run I walked Sadie for about a mile and then had a yummy breakfast of leftover waffles from dinner last night (more about that later!) Then I found that MTV is playing The Hills all day today so I started watching! I love that show and am sad Tuesday is the last episode ever :( Around 9am I made myself pull away from The Hills marathon, and got down to business on my school reading. I knocked out 2 chapters and then decided it was break time! So I walked 2 miles on the treadmill while catching up on Say Yes To The Dress episodes on my DVR! My hubby thinks it’s crazy that I still love watching wedding shows, but I just can’t help it!!

Sadie and I just finished playing ball outside and now I’m blogging while she’s pooped out under my feet :)

Alright… on to my fabulous Waffle Dinner from last night!! Hubby and I received a waffle maker as a wedding gift from my friend/bridesmaid Jennifer, and we have been dying to try it out! And last night was the night!! I just used some of the low fat Bisquick for the batter!! They were so easy and quick to make! All you do is heat up the waffle maker, scoop the batter in, and 5 minutes later you’ve got waffles! Fabulous, right?!?


This waffle maker makes BIG waffles too! Love it!!


Nice and golden brown, soft with a little crunch!


My plate: 2 waffles topped with raspberries, blackberries, half of a white peach, and a tiny bit of maple syrup!


OMG friends, there are NO WORDS! This was amazing!! Fruit + waffles= perfection!! This morning I added a little Greek yogurt in the mix and that kicked it up another notch!!

Love, love, love my waffle maker and I know I will be making these all the time! They are so easy!!

That’s it for now! Enjoy your Saturday!!


  1. Great job getting up early to run! I give you a ton of credit. Sorry you are having blisters. Have you tried Vaseline? That sometimes helps. All I can say about your waffles is yum!!!

  2. Best waffle idea I 've ever seen!