BRICKS and Pups!

TGIT!! Thank goodness it’s Thursday! Why? Because Thursday is my Friday this week and I am heading to Oxford tomorrow for Tri Oxford on Saturday!! It’s gonna be an exciting weekend for me!!

Yesterday, I did another BRICK that was awesome!! I actually was totally not feeling it when I finally rolled out of the bed, after sleeping 1 hour longer than I planned. But I talked myself into it and ended up having an awesome workout. Don’t you love it when that happens?! My BRICK consisted of a 10 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run and boy was it hot! I didn’t start until 7am and the sun was blazing! The Weather Channel said it “felt like 92 degrees” already! That sure didn’t stop me though :)

Bike: 10 miles

Time: 39:15

Avg. Speed: 15.4 mph (my bike times are definitely getting faster!)

The bike was nice. I did my usual hilly route and I am perfecting drinking while riding! It’s a skill I tell ya! First time I did it, I almost crashed! Haha. I finished the bike and did a quick transition, then I was off on the run. I didn’t want to kill myself since I have my race this weekend, so I decided 2 miles would be sufficient if I pushed it. And pushed it I did, with an average pace of 9:16! That’s pretty fast for me! Especially coming right off of a 10 mile ride! Now, if I can just do this on Saturday…

Run: 2 miles

Time: 18:30

Mile 1:9:14

Mile 2: 9:19

Avg Pace: 9:16

This tri on Saturday is the first race that I’ve actually traveled too! I get to stay in a hotel room the night before and everything! I am so happy my mom is able to go with me and my brother will be there too, working the tri!! Plus, I got a free room with the Hilton points I’ve accumulated! Doesn’t get better than that!!

I was going to attempt a treadmill run today after I got back from preop clinical, but as I started to run, my Plantar Fascitis was really bothering me. It’s in both feet now :( So I decided it would be better to not run and give my feet a break. I did end up walking 3 miles though, because that doesn’t seem to bother them. I think they are getting really aggravated right now because I desperately need new shoes! I promise I will be getting them soon!!


In other news… we are having a little work done to our house, so Sadie had to go over to my parents house to stay for a few days and I miss her so much! Funny how empty our house is without our little Beagle. But I did get some cute pictures yesterday, before I took her to my parents. You can see just how lazy my girl is!!


She thinks she’s human and has to have a pillow to lay her head on! Haha!


Close up! Doesn’t she just looked so thrilled to be having her picture taken?! Haha :) I love my sweet pup!


  1. Good luck with the triathlon! I don't know how you do those bricks, they are so tough!

  2. Good luck this weekend!

  3. That puppy face is precious!