Forrest Spence 5K Race Recap

Hello! Hope this nice Saturday is treating you well!! I had a great 5k race this morning! Like I said, I decided to kick off my racing season with the Forrest Spence 5K!! The weather was really nice this morning, pretty cool for the most part, I believe it was in the 70’s. It did get a little hot during the race, but luckily a lot of the course was shaded!!

My mom went with me this morning as my paparazzi and support crew!! This race was larger than the usual 5k’s we have so there was a lot going on when we got there!! Finally it was time to line up at the start!!


I really didn’t have too many goals for this race since it is the start of this racing season, I was just hoping for under 30 minutes (which I totally knew I could pull off!) My 5k PR is 26:55 from last spring so I am hoping to get back there at some point!!

It wasn’t too crowded as we started off, everyone was kind of spaced out. I hate the feeling of being smashed in between people and not being able to run the pace I want to! This didn’t happen the whole race! Love that!! Some how my camera got turned onto video so I don’t have any more pictures to share :(

Mile 1 came pretty quickly. According to Garmie, I hit mile 1 at 9:07. I felt pretty good about this. Didn’t feel to tired at this point so I kept on. Mile 2 came pretty quickly too! I had never run this route before so it was kinda nice to keep guessing what was coming next!! I hit mile 2 at 18:16 (9:10 pace). Still felt good so I was going to keep pushing at this pace. Right after mile 2 I saw my mom and some friends I used to work with at LeBonehur! I love seeing people I know when I’m racing!! Towards the end of mile 3 I started to feel tired but I knew I had to keep pushing!! I hit mile 3 at 27:26 (9:10 pace). Garmie was a bit off (or the course a bit long) so I ended up completing 3.17 in 28:45 with my last .17 at a 7:50 pace! I was booking it!! My average pace for the race was 9:05!!

I was definitely super happy with my time! I think that’s a great place for me to start out this race season!!

After the race, my mom and I hung around for the awards and then went to get some breakfast at Panera!! I got the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel and it was AMAZING!! I will definitely be getting that again!!

Well friends, I must get back to studying :( Have a fabulous day!! Anyone else race this weekend? How did you do?



  1. Great job at the race1 You started the season off great!

  2. Great job Nikki! That's an awesome 5k time!! :) You rock girl.