Professional TRI pics and another BRICK

We are getting closer and closer to Friday!! Yay! I finally found some of the professional races pictures from the Annie Oakley Sprint Tri I did last weekend! Check them out! Go here to this website and put in my bib number 272. Then you can see all my pics! I think there are some good ones! My face on the last run one is priceless! It just screams EXHAUSTED! Haha :) Tell me what y’all think!

This morning was another BRICK workout for me! I seriously love these workouts because they are HARD and I really feel like I push myself!! Plus, they are super fun!! The TRI Oxford that I am doing in about a week has a little longer bike and run than the Annie Oakley Sprint TRI did, so I wanted to make sure and do that distance on my BRICK today. I have a nice new water bottle holder on my bike which really comes in handy! I made sure to bring my favorite, 3/4 Gatorade 1/4 water combo with me on the bike, so I could stay hydrated. It is just miserably hot and humid at all times of the day here so I must stay hydrated!!

The bike portion went really well! I felt super strong on the hills today and my average speed reflected it!!

Bike total- 13.45 miles

Time- 51:40

Avg. Speed- 15.6 mph

That’s really pretty fast for me! My average speed usually stays around 14 mph so I was really impressed with myself today!!

After a quick transition, I was off for a 3 mile run. My legs felt pretty jello-y at first, but then it got a bit better. I’m not going to tell y’all this run was easy, because it wasn’t. I was hot, it was hilly, and my legs were tired! But, my pace was pretty impressive with all those factors! This was my fastest 3 miler in a long time! Crazy right?! How can I run FASTER after riding for 13.45 miles than I can when I just go out and only run 3 miles? Craziness I tell ya! But I’ll take it! Now, I just have to do this one race day!

Run total- 3 miles

Time- 29:27

Mile 1- 9:38

Mile 2- 10:08

Mile 3- 9:43

Avg Pace- 9:50/mile

Great pace for me, and this even included 2 mini walk breaks! Nice! I’m happy my faster pace is starting to show itself again :) There’s just something about these BRICK workouts that make me happy! I highly suggest trying one, even if you don’t plan on doing a TRI! But let me warn you, you just may become interested in doing one! They are so fun!!

After my BRICK, I was pretty hungry and out of my favorite cereal! So I decided to make some waffles!! Perfect post hard workout meal, right?! I love making a big batch of waffles and then freezing the rest for quick morning breakfasts. Just pop them in the toaster and they are ready to go within minutes! Fabulous I tell ya!


Am I making your mouth water?! These were just as delicious as they look, maybe even more!!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Thursday, gotta get back to school work!


  1. You are rocking these BRICK workouts! I can't imagine how difficult they must be, but you are truly proving your strength and dedication by sticking with them. Good for you hun!

  2. Those look YUMMY!!!

  3. I love the picture of you diving off the pier! So cool. :)

    I also love when you say "ya'll"...haha