Hope House 5k Race Recap and New Wood Floors!!

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I know I am :) My week has just been so chaotic with all the new floor “construction” going on! I am so happy to say that they finally finished my floors today! And I LOVE them!! And seriously, it really was like a construction zone in here! It’s amazing that I got any school work done!!


Chopping up the old floors


This is what it looked like the entire week! All concrete inside my house!


These are the old wood floors….


And my new ones!!


I chose a lighter color and a wider board than what the previous floors were. And I am so happy I did! I love the lighter color! Makes my rooms feel bigger! Plus it won’t show Sadie’s hair nearly as much as the dark wood floors did :) If anyone in the Memphis area needs new hardwood floors, I highly recommend Southern Hardwood Floors! These guys were awesome and worked super hard!! I have all their contact info if anyone is interested!!

So what do y’all think?? Like the new floors?


Yesterday, I decided to spontaneously run a 5k race!! My friend Leah was racing in the Hope House 5k down in Harbor Town last night and I decided to join her! The race started at 6:30pm so I was a little nervous about how my tummy would act, since it tends to act up on evening runs. Harbor Town is a community in Downtown Memphis right a long the Mississippi River. It’s better known as “The Island”! It is a super cute area with tons of huge, gorgeous homes! The 5k took us all throughout the neighborhoods so I got to check out these huge homes!! The weather was nice, mid 50’s when we ran and it stayed light the entire race! Yay!! I really didn’t have any idea on what time I wanted since I didn’t know how my stomach would do!! I went out pretty fast, my first mile was around 8:35. I felt pretty good still and was thinking I could probably hold this pace and PR! I ran the second mile in 8:25, according to Garmie. My tummy started hurting a bit at this point, but it wasn’t a side stitch so I knew I could push through!! My last mile was right around 8:30 again and my official 5k time was 26:55!! PR for me!! Wohoo!! I was super proud of myself! I forgot how much I love 5k’s! It’s fun to really push myself and see how hard and fast I can go. Must sign up for more soon!!

After the race, we went to Huey’s to eat and get a beer!! I ended up having 2 Blue Moons, we were there for a while watching the games, and a Black Bean Burger with fries! It definitely hit the spot!! Sorry I didn’t take any pics, forgot I had my camera with me! It was a fun night especially for being spontaneous!! I am normally such a planner! Haha.

Are you more of a planner or more spontaneous?


Let’s talk about the game last night… Tennessee vs. Ohio State. I was so SAD and MAD that UT beat OSU! Not only because it clearly ruined my bracket(I had OSU winning the entire thing) but because I can’t stand UT! Yes, I realize I am in grad school at UT, but I am a MEMPHIS fan all the way! Therefore, I cannot be a UT fan also! I love seeing UT lose! Too bad that wasn’t the case last night…. So sad :(            It was kinda funny because everyone in Huey’s was cheering on UT and I was the ONLY one cheering for OSU! Haha!! Oh well, life goes on. There’s always next year!! As long as Kentucky doesn’t win the tournament, I’m good! I’m currently cheering AGAINST Kentucky right now!!

Well friends, gotta jet! Time to go fix something for dinner! Have a GREAT night!!


  1. Your floors look great!!

  2. Floors look so good! I like the wider board a lot. I bet you are glad that is over with! Congrats on the PR that is awesome!!!

  3. Congrats on the new PR - sounds like a fun spontaneous event!

  4. Lots of Memphis fans root for UT now..like when they play Kentucky! :) It was a GREAT game though..and our first time to the elite eight, so that was important :) It's ok..I went to Memphis for graduate school but do not cheer for them for anything!

    I'm going to be running a 5k sometime soon--I started my running group today and really liked it!! It was great motivation to have people pushing me along! do you know of any at the end of May-ish?

  5. The floors look great. I bet you are glad that is over.

    Great time in the 5k. Congrats on the PR.

  6. Love the floors!!! Misty

  7. The house is coming along beautifully!

    Awesome job on the 5k!!! I'm with you though, I always hate running any other time than the morning. I just think my body performs best in the am.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. Katie- Check out mrtc.com (memphis runners and track club). They have all the Memphis races listed.