Kefir Lover!!

Evenin!! I’m typing this as I watch The Bachelor Finale, so sorry if it seems a little scatter brained! Haha!!

The most exciting part of my day was trying out something new for breakfast!! As I mentioned yesterday, I purchased some Kefir at the grocery store after seeing it all the time on Allie’s blog!! And this morning was the time to try it out!!




My breakfast included a Kefir bowl, one half of a Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin with NM PB, and coffee!!


My Kefir bowl!! I used 1/2 cup Kefir, 3/4 cup Kashi Heart to Heart, and some sliced strawberries. My verdict?? LOVED THE KEFIR!! I am a Kefir Lover! It’s consistency is a mix between yogurt and milk and tastes like plain yogurt! Love, love, love! Glad I found a new staple! I bet it would be awesome in Overnight Oats!!


English Muffins were buy one get one free at the store, so expect to be seeing these a lot in the upcoming weeks!!


I had class at 8am this morning. I brought a pear with me to keep my tummy happy!!


I sliced it and brought it with me and it got super gooey in the bag. It was weird but still tasted good!

I got home from class right around noon, so it was time for lunch!!


I had a veggie scramble, pickles, and cottage cheese with pineapples!


Veggie Scramble contained:

  • 2 eggs
  • chopped tomato
  • chopped spinach
  • chopped red onion
  • chopped sweet pepper
  • black beans
  • a little shredded cheese
  • lots of Texas Pete’s hot sauce

Love Veggie Scrambles!!


And some cottage cheese with pineapples. I am totally into cottage cheese right now! So glad I picked it up at the store!


The rest of the day was spent working on my take home exam that is due Friday! I am almost finished! I have 7 more questions to write and should be able to knock that out tomorrow morning! Then I can concentrate on studying for my in class test I have Friday! It just never ends!!

I stopped around 4ish to run on the treadmill and watch some of my DVR shows!! I was planning on doing 4 miles but my stomach was cramping from the very beginning. It was awful. I had cramps, side stitches, you name it! And on top of that I thought my heart was about to beat out of my chest! It was really odd and kinda freaky. So I stopped at 3 miles and walked 2 more at a 4.0 pace totaling 5 miles. Not bad, not bad. But my stomach was even cramping while I was walking! So weird, it hasn’t acted like that in forever! Plus, I kept burping (TMI??)! So gross! I hadn't eaten since lunch so it wasn't a digestion issue, I think it may have been a lack of food in my tummy issue?? Is that possible?!? Anyway, hopefully I will have a better run tomorrow!


Dinner tonight revolved around an avocado!! I am super obsessed with Guac right now, and I knew I had a ripe avocado just waiting to be made into guac! So with my guac ready to go, I knew Healthy Nachos were in order!!


Nom, nom, nom!!


With some No Sugar Added Applesauce with cinnamon on the side!! This was a GREAT meal!!


And the last piece of brownie for dessert! Finally it’s gone!! I’m definitely gonna miss these brownies, they were so yummy!!


On to some Bachelor talk…I am still Team Tinley but I feel like he’s gonna pick Vienna!! What do y’all think?? I just think Tinley is so perfect for him and he better pick her!! Ahhh!!

Well, gotta get back to the show! Have a good night friends!!


  1. Weird that your stomach isn't very happy with you. I hate it when my acts up! Still good job workin out

  2. Ugh to Vienna! But Kefir looks interesting..I think I'd like it :)

  3. Sorry about the tummy issue. Sometimes that happens to me and I can't really pinpoint it.

    I watched the B this morning. Frankly, I was team Gia, but since he let her go I was team Vienna. Tenely is so boring and I couldn't imagine listening to that mousy voice for the rest of my life. They both had some baggage, but I think Tenley needs to wait until she can talk about her previous marriage without getting that upset before she starts perusing for other men.

  4. I am new to your blog and really like it! I just had to tell you that I was sitting here scrolling over your blog and accidentally stopped at a picture of your brownie. My fiance & I both saw it, looked at each other and admitted that our mouths were seriously watering~ YUM!!