Mornin!! It’s so nice to be on Spring Break this week! I got to sleep in until 7:45am this morning!! That’s pretty late for me. Even though I don’t have school this week, I still feel like I have a GAZILLION things to do! A presentation to work on, a house to clean, errands to run, shopping to do… Just lots of stuff! I just found out yesterday that the new Anthropologie store opens up Friday! I am so pumped to now have that store close by me!! I’m debating whether or not to go on Friday, it might be kind of a mad house!

On to a new subject… MARCH MADNESS!! This is seriously my favorite time of the year for sports. I love college basketball and I love making out my bracket and all of the competition that goes with that!! I am definitely sad Memphis isn’t in the tournament this year. They are ALWAYS in it, so it will definitely be different. But, never fear, I do have another team I love to cheer for! OHIO STATE!! My dad went to college there so we have been Buckeye fan’s since I can remember! They are good this year too! My only hope is that Kentucky doesn’t win. For those of you who don’t know, Coach Cal, who was the Memphis coach for years, up and left Memphis to coach Kentucky this season. And not only did we lose our coach, he took the majority of the Memphis team with him to Kentucky. So that’s the story of why no Memphis fan likes Kentucky!! But, I am super proud of the Memphis team this year and I hear we have the #1 recruting class for next season! Boo-ya! Take that Coach Cal!!

I need to print out my bracket and do it before Thursday! That’s when the games start!

Anyone else super excited for March Madness? Do you make a bracket?


Alright let’s back up to lunch yesterday:


I had a piece of ww toast with butter and Raspberry jam and a Honey Oikos with strawberries and peanuts.


Loved the peanut addition! Gave it a nice salty crunch!!

My mom and I went shopping after lunch and found NOTHING! I hate when that happens! I desperately need to find an outfit for my shower Saturday, so I may do some more shopping another day this week. So frustrating!

I decided I really didn’t want to run because it was just kind of yucky outside. Cold and drizzly. I could have run on the treadmill but I really wasn’t feeling it. So I decided to walk on the treadmill while I watched the Big 10 championship game! Go BUCKS!! Big 10 CHAMPS! It’s amazing how fast time flies when you are watching basketball games while working out!! I ended up walking for 90 minutes, 6 miles! Go me!! After I finished the 6 miles and the game was over, I did 10 minutes of abs.

I did have an un-pictured snack of some Pretzel Cheddar crackers and Buffalo Cheddar popcorn while I waited for Selection Sunday to come on!!


I wanted something nice and easy!!


I had some Organic Tomato Soup, leftover Roasted Cauliflower with Country Bob’s BBQ Sauce, and Garlic Cheese Toasted Sandwich Thins! I added way too much hot sauce to my tomato soup! My mouth was on FIRE!!


Kinda looks like a smiley face, right?!?

And for dessert, I had some ice cream! I don’t know what possessed me to buy 2 gallons of ice cream at the store, but I did! So tonight I tested out Cookies and Cream!!


I had this, plus a little more! It was just too good!!


So my wedding is in 3 months and it’s getting down to crunch time (pun intended, hehe). I found an app on my IPhone called Daily Burn where I can track my calories and nutrition stats of what I eat and I think I’m going to do that until the wedding. I have done this before and it seemed to help me be less snacky and really listen to my hunger cues. So I’m hoping this will be the case this time!!

Have y’all ever counted your calories before? I’m not really sure how many I should be eating, I figure around 1800ish??




My standard bowl of Banana Oatmeal. I only used 1/2 of a banana(froze the other half for smoothies) and added 1 TBSP of Greek Yogurt at the end. My 1 TBSP of PB is hiding under the oats. Total calories for Oats and coffee: 314


I have been getting the BEST strawberries at the grocery store!! They are super sweet!! Now I’m just ready for all the other berries not to be super expensive so I can have them too! Berries just scream summertime to me!!

Well friends, gotta go work on a school presentation for a bit! I am so pumped that I have a date with my running buddy Erin later this afternoon! I have so missed running with her and am so excited to be starting back up again! So far the weather looks gorg! I hope y’all have a GREAT Monday!!


  1. It's definitely gonna be weird for Memphis to not be in it this year. I'm not sure yet who I'm cheering for but I know it WILL NOT be Kentucky!

  2. I'm TRYing to get into college basketball. The problem is I just don't like basketball in general. I find it boring. And Ohio State? Blah. I have negative vibes to them since my ex was such a big fan...actually anything from ohio suck. Maybe I'm bitter...haha.

  3. I LOVE college basketball...March Madness is my favorite time of the year!! I'll definitely be filling out a bracket, even though my team is never in the tournament (UGA isn't really a bball school). I will say though, I can't hate on Kentucky too much, have to rep the SEC!
    Good luck finding an outfit for the shower!

  4. I don't care much about basketball, but my husband LOVES it. I guess some of his excitment rubs off on me.

  5. LET'S GO TERPS!!! I loooove March Madness!!