Quick Check In

Hey friends! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!! This week my floors are being done!! Yay!! But, it’s gonna take ALL WEEK because it’s taking them forever to rip out the old wood flooring! Apparently they were glued down more than normal?!? Who know, but I have been dealing with hammering and drilling for the last 2 days and it’s soooo loud! Amazingly, I have been able to get a lot of work done! I’ll have to take some pictures to show y’all my ripped up floors! Haha. And tonight I have no furniture in my living room so I’ve basically been hanging out in my bedroom ALL DAY! I so wanted to keep taking naps! LOL.

I did manage to get out and go for a nice 6 mile run! The weather today was absolutely gorgeous!! I think it ended up being 70 degrees and super sunny!! When I headed out for my run around 11am it was 65 degrees. There was a pretty strong breeze, but it felt nice. I did the same hilly 6 mile route that I did last week and ended up beating my time! I definitely went out too fast because by the last 2 miles I was dying! I threw in a couple walk breaks at the end and still managed to have a better time than last week. That tells you for sure I went out too fast! Haha. I ran 6 miles in 57:19 with an average pace of 9:33/mile. I am happy, happy, happy about that! I managed to get a little sunburned too on my run. My face is pretty pink! Gotta remember to start using sunscreen! I also seemed to add to my sports bra tan. Not sure what I’m gonna do about this. I can’t have a sports bra tan for my wedding!

Calorie counting is back in full force! I am weighing myself every Monday morning to keep track of my weight. I ended up losing about 2 pounds last week. Fine by me! I don’t mind losing a few pounds at all, especially when I have a wedding dress and bathing suit to wear soon :) My eats have been good, just not really picture worthy! I’ve just been making random things! Hopefully, once I can start eating meat again I will be making more “dinners” again!

Well guys, that’s all for now! Gotta get back to American Idol! Oh and I am so sad that Sadie has to stay with my parents this week due to the work on my floors. I miss my sweet pup so much and her birthday is Friday! She will be 3!! Have a great night y’all!


  1. Home improvement projects are taxing, so good luck on a speedy completion.