A Good Cry

Hey guys! How goes it?? I’ve kinda had an interesting day here!! Most of it was good but then this evening, all of a sudden, I broke down and had a good cry for NO GOOD REASON! I think I’m just mentally exhausted! School is taking up such a crazy amount of time lately and is pushing everything else out, which is so hard for me! Plus, all the things that have been going wrong lately sure doesn’t help. Not to mention, one of the things that is getting pushed to the side is my running, which gives me such guilt over not meeting my weekly mileage. I so need a mental break! Too bad I won’t get one for a while! At least the cry made me feel better!!

Do y’all ever have times when you feel like you need a mental break?


On that note, let’s talk about my eats for the day!


Banana Oatmeal with strawberries and NM PB on top! Breakfast of champions!!




Plus some Hazelnut coffee to get me in school mode!!

Although I didn’t have class today, I still had a ton of studying and a take home test to finish! It definitely kept me busy!!

I stopped around 11am to get a run in. Since it was kinda chilly, rainy, and windy, a treadmill run it was!! I managed to finish 5 miles and was pushing my pace pretty hard, but I had to stop and walk a couple times, which is so unlike me. I can’t remember my last rest day and I think my body is telling me I need a break. So tomorrow will just be some morning yoga. Hopefully my run on Thursday will be a bit better. Although, I did manage to finish my 5 miles under a 10 minute pace so it wasn’t THAT bad!! I also did some ab work after my treadmill run :) So basically my body is telling me I need a mental and physical break. That’s just great…..


Onto lunch!! I was craving a bunch of different things, so I had exactly what I wanted!


I had:

  • Cottage cheese with strawberries and pineapples
  • Chips and guac
  • an orange




It was just what I wanted!! Plus one two small handfuls of chocolate chips for dessert!



This afternoon I had a hair appointment and had some errands to run. Just got some highlights and a trim, no major cuts here :) While I was running errands I stopped by Starbys and got a Tall Soy Awake Tea Latte!!


Delish! I am loving Soymilk more and more!!

I also had a small handful of pretzels.



When I got home this evening, I really wanted to bake but just didn’t have enough time. So frustrating. Probably what ended up setting my good cry off! So after feeling sorry for myself for a little bit, I pulled it together and felt much better and decided it was time to make dinner. Amazing what a good cry will do for you!!

Dinner tonight revolved around an item I received the other day from the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program!!


Tonight we tried the Four Cheese Rosa sauce. I am not a huge Alfredo fan, but the fiancé really wanted to try this one!! It was probably the best cheesy alfredo sauce I’ve ever tried! We both gave it 2 thumbs up! Great job Bertolli!!

I cooked up some whole wheat penne and assembled our topping bar!


Tuna and tomatoes for the fiancé; spinach, tomatoes, and onion for me! No meat for this girl until Easter! Still going strong!!


I also sipped on some Sauv Blanc with dinner! Wine just goes so well with pasta, in my opinion!!


My pasta bowl


All mixed up with some red pepper flakes on top!


And on the side, I roasted some cauliflower with garlic salt and pepper at 400* for 15 minutes. Topped with some Texas Pete’s hot sauce! I am seriously obsessed with hot sauce! Guess I was feeling SPICY tonight! Ha!


And for dessert, I mixed a little Kefir, Plain Greek Yogurt, NM PB, and chocolate chips! Yum! With my Gummy Vitamins on the side!! I think Gummy Vitamins are the best invention EVER! I never took vitamins until I realized they had gummy ones! Taste just like candy!!

What vitamins do you take?

I just do the Gummy Multivitamins but my mom takes a super yummy Gummy Calcium Vitamin that I really want to get my hands on! Haha!

Hoping y’all have a great rest of the night! I’m turning in early so I can get up at 5am for some yoga before class!! Goodnight!


  1. I have had some crazy moments where I just cry for no reason! But I think thats good too. You've had a crazy last few weeks with the dress and your floors and all your school work! Great job sticking it through and still eating well

  2. I love to get a good cry out. probably more than natural, haha. oh well. I am just the type of person that needs that cry to release the emotion, which can be good and bad.
    I never took any vitamins before because I don't really "believe" in vitamins, per se, but I love to donate blood and my HgB is always borderline, so i started to take a MVI for women (target brand), just to help with my iron levels. Also, need that folic acid for when i have kids.

    what classes are you taking? it must be extremely challenging doing CRNA school and planning a wedding, etc

  3. Jocelyn- Thanks for all your sweet comments girl!!

    Nicole- I am taking Patho/Phys, Principles of Anesthesia ,Biostats, Research, Pharmacology and Physiology, and am about to start skills lab. So yes, it is very challenging trying to do everything!! But will be so worth it! Just have to keep reminding myself of that!!

  4. oh my goodness, that is a full load for sure!! geez, that is a lot of information at once. You're incredible lol

  5. Your such a good eater. I totally feel ya on the break down, I am now going to school and working full time and feel like I have about 5 min of free time and it feels pretty stressful sometimes!