7 miler

This has to be quick because I have been so busy with school stuff today, I haven’t gotten anything done around the house! I literally have been doing school work all day! From 10am, after my run, to 6:30 this evening. BORING DAY! Oh well, it’s what needed to be done! I am so ready for December to be here so I can have a break! Haha.

Anyway, onto my run. I had a 7 mile long run on the schedule for today. I headed out to my parents house so I could run out there. It was a really good run. Nothing to exciting to tell except I did see 2 deer right on the trail I was running on. They just stared at me as I ran by. Like 5 feet from me and didn’t move! I felt a little tired around the 4 mile marker but not long after that I felt really good! Must have got my 2nd wind! I even ran the last 0.1 mile to my car when normally I would stop right at 7 miles! Just felt like going a tad bit further I guess :) I’m gonna save you from reading my mile splits because they were all about the same give or take a few seconds. I am amazed at how well I paced myself!! My average pace was 10:47 min/ mile. I will definitely take that! A few weeks ago when I ran 7 miles my pace was 11:17 min/ mile! So, I am a whole 30 seconds faster this time! Yay, gotta love that!! I’m interested to see how my legs feel in the morning for my recovery run since my calves have been super sore. Lots of stretching in my future!!

Well that’s all for now, gotta go do some house work and spend time with Al! Hope ya’ll have a good night!


  1. Nothing like a great run to make all of that schoolwork a little bit better! I admire you for sticking with the studying so much!

  2. Good job! I swear I wish you were my personal trainer! Ha!

  3. I'm so proud of you, girl!! You amaze me!!!

  4. THat's a GREAT improvement in a very short amount of time. Nice work!