I'm so Fickle and Half Marathon week 4 recap

First off, I am going to start with my running week recap. This week was just ok for running. I felt super tired and sleepy all week and had a really HARD time getting out of bed early enough to get my runs in! Hence, 2 missed morning runs. So here it is:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 7 miler at 10:17 pace! Awesome run!
Wednesday: Skipped 3 mile recovery run, slept in:(
Thursday: 4 mile speed work, fartleck run 1 mile hard, 1 mile easy with warm-up
Friday: skipped 4 miler, slept in. Attempted afternoon make-up run and failed due to side stitches. Strength workout
Saturday: 3 miler, hard *recap below
Sunday:5 miles, great run! *Recap below
Total: 19 miles

Saturday I planned to make up my 4 miles I skipped on Friday. However, I slept through my alarm again! I don't know what's up with me! Guess I am super tired for some reason! So I attempted to make it up after class Saturday afternoon even though I have had some failed afternoon runs this week. I told myself just do 3 and I would be happy with that. So 3 miles I did and I ran super hard! It was so hot too making for an even harder run, but I got through it! I don't remember my exact pace but I remember it was pretty fast!

Today's 5 miler was really good! I was still tired when my alarm went off at 6am but I got up and headed out. I ended up doing 5 miles at a 10:13 pace. Not too shabby for me!! I am hoping to not skip any runs this week because it just screws up my whole schedule!!

Onto the part about me being fickle.... If ya'll haven't figured out by now, I am super fickle and have the hardest time making decisions!! Give me a nursing decision and I can totally make it in seconds flat but life decisions, not so much...So I am second guessing the wedding dress choice from last week. I think I just was convinced more by everyone else there with me about how "perfect" the dress was. I just think that when I find the right dress I will know it's "the one" and I just haven't felt that way about a dress! So that being said, my mom and I went to David's Bridal today to look at some more dresses. There were some really pretty ones I liked but none I loved:( Did ya'll have that feeling that you just knew it was the right dress? Luckily there is a huge wedding store in Arkansas not too far from us called Low's that I am hoping to find one at when we go look! Plus I'm having too much fun looking at wedding dresses! I don't want it to be over!


  1. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in January, and the bride is SUPER indecisive. The wedding is in four months and she hasn't even picked her colors yet! We have to order dresses soon...I'm hoping they come in time! Make a decision and stick to it...you're usually happy with your gut reaction. (Remember taking tests in nursing school?? Your first answer was usually right!)

  2. You've got a lot going on right now with school. I understand how it goes. Sometimes you just need sleep. You'll work it out. Don't worry.

    I bought the first dress I tried on. It was perfect! I was going to keep looking, but when I got home I couldn't stop thinking about someone else snatching it up (it was a sample dress) so I went back later that day and bought it. Keep looking. You'll find it :)

  3. Trying on dresses was my favorite part too. So princess-y! I had "THE ONE!" feeling for sure. Keep looking. It's out there. :o)