Hey guys! I am super tired and ready for bed but thought I would do a little update! I was at school/ doing school stuff most of the day and didn’t get home until 6ish. I have been spoiled being able to be at home all the time, even if I am studying my life away! I know Sadie has really enjoyed me being in school so I can be home with her a TON more!! Before I started school, I worked 3 12 hour shifts a week and don’t think Sadie liked being home alone that often! Haha.

My run this morning was good but sad. It was dark almost my whole run so I decided to run up the main road because it’s well lit and has a sidewalk. Well I saw a cop car ahead and was wondering what was going on. Once I got up there I saw that someone had run over a dog and it was in the middle of the road! I was so sad at seeing this my eyes welled up and I was crying!! A little hard to run and cry but I am such a dog lover and any time I see a hurt dog, let alone a dead dog, I get really sad:( I was just hoping it would be gone when I passed back by there on my way back and they were gone. Luckily it was dark so no one could see me being a big baby and crying while running. Other than that, my run was really good. Legs felt a lot better than I thought they would! I ran at an even 10:00 min/ mile pace. Could have pushed harder, could have gone slower, so I think it was perfect for a recovery run. Oh yea, I did 3 miles this morning! Don’t feel like going to get my Garmin to post my mile pace’s but there was some definite negative split action going on!!

I have another busy day tomorrow full of a test, lots of reading, cleaning because Jaime is coming on Friday, class, and BUNCO tomorrow night! Yay! Hope ya’ll have a GREAT Thursday tomorrow!


  1. Oh no, so sorry about the dog! Happy Thursday though!

  2. Oh so sorry about the dog! :(

  3. awww...Tuesday night Delaney and I actually rescued a dog! Have fun with Jaime this weekend! Maybe we can walk sometime next week. I have a sore ankle so I'm taking a few days off from running:(

  4. Aww, so sad about the dog :(

  5. oh no :(
    that is so sad about the dog, i would've cried too!

    i hope you end up having a good day hun!

  6. That is SO sad. I cry everytime I see that. I don't know how one couldn't!

  7. great job on that 7 miler earlier this week. You really killed it! Way faster!

    That's sad. I see people that don't put their dogs on a leash all the time. I don't understand it.

  8. Aww, that's terrible! ;(