Vistaprint Review!

As many of you know, from a previous post, I found some super cute save the date magnets from Vistaprint that I was going to order. Well somehow, the lovely people over at Vistaprint found that post and contacted me!! They offered me free save the dates for doing a review and of course I hopped right on board since I was going to order them anyway!! So here are the save the date magnets I ordered:

save the date 2 save the date 1

The Vistaprint site is super easy to navigate and all I had to do was fill in my info and they gave me a preview of what the magnet would look like exactly! Literally took me like 10 minutes to do! I got the 7 day shipping and they arrived exactly 7 days after my order was placed! Gotta love that! They are exactly what I wanted and everyone I’ve given them to so far has loved them!

Vistaprint offers so many different items on their site!! From all things  like invitations, magnets, logos to anything you could imagine for your business!! They also make super cute picture magnets which I have had my eye on :) Ya’ll definitely need to check out their site! They are also super easy and nice to work with. I would definitely order from them again.


  1. How cool is that??

  2. That is awesome, girl... I emailed ya :) haha!!

  3. That's amazing! So glad it was nice and easy for you!

  4. I love Vista Print! They have good quality items and always have specials! I am a sucker for a good deal!!!!

  5. Wow! See, I told you they were awesome!! I bet your save the dates will look great!!

  6. I've heard great things about that site. Very exciting!

  7. Wow - that's awesome. I need to start name dropping on my blog :)