Random Wednesday

Got a lot of random stuff to blog about today!! First of all the rain continues here and it is supposed to all week! Ya’ll don’t even want to know how tall my grass is! It needs to be mowed so bad but I can’t do it until the rain stops!! So, it looks like a lot of my runs will be in the rain this week including my 8 miler tomorrow. I am fine running in the rain as long as there is no lightning:) Since the majority of you said you always take the day off before a long run, as I normally do, I had to do some switching up of my running schedule since the weatherman did some lying earlier in the week. That being said, today is a strength training day and I will be running the rest of the week to get my miles in. Should be ok as long as the lightning cooperates:)

On another running note… check out The Chic Runner’s new giveaway!! Or don’t because I totally want to win so I can buy some hot pink armwarmers!!

Last night I made an awesome Mac and Cheese recipe that I got from Kristin’s blog! It was fabulous!! It is actually a recipe from Cooking Light so you can actually feel good about eating it! Here is the recipe! Sorry I didn’t take any pics, i forgot:)

Did anyone else watch the Big Brother finale last night?? I am so happy that Jordan won!! I am super excited for all the TV shows to be starting again!! I had to miss The Biggest Loser last night because I was recording BB and the new Melrose Place but hopefully next week I can catch it! I get so motivated watching TBL!! So what shows do ya’ll watch?? I have so many, that goodness for DVR!! Here is my list:

1. Grey’s Anatomy- so ready for it to start next week!!

2. One Tree Hill

3. Private Practice

4. 90210- yes I like the new one!

5. Greek- on abc Family :)

6. The Hills- think this starts next week too!!

7. Friday Night Lights- LOVE this show! Anyone know when it starts??

8. Still contemplating the new Melrose Place… anyone else watch it??

9. Looking forward to the new show called Mercy about nurses- starts next week

That’s all I can think of right now but that’s plenty! I don’t have enough time to watch all these as it is!! Well I’m going to go heat up some left over mac and cheese for lunch! YUM! Hope ya’ll have a GREAT day!!


  1. Sadly, unless you have DirectTV, you won't see new episodes of Friday Night Lights until January!

  2. I've been itching to run in the rain recently - maybe we should switch locations for a week? :)

  3. I am soooo over all this rain we're getting. My yard looks like a dang jungle too!


    I was so happy Jordan won. I have been fast forwarding through 90% of the last four episodes and I was so surpirsed and happy to see how the finale turned out.

    Good luck with your running this week.