Happy Friday!

Hey friends! Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day!! I’ve been semi busy with school but I was able to fit a run in around lunch time. I set my alarm this morning so I could run before class, but I am finding it very difficult to make myself run in the dark. I keep freaking myself out. So needless to say, I went back to sleep after I realized it was raining and going to be dark for my entire run. I really wish I could get over this fear of the dark! It’s not that I live in a bad area at all but it’s more on the country side than city, therefore lacking in the streetlight department which makes it really dark! I really love running much better in the morning right when I wake up and this is really throwing me off on days I have class! Any tips on how to get over my fear and just run in the dark?

I did have a really good 4 mile recovery run this afternoon though! I was going back and forth on if I should do this run or not. I was feeling tired and hungry and was not really in the mood to run. But I knew once I headed out and started running I would feel great. The hardest part literally is getting yourself out the door. The entire run I was thinking about how glad I was that I decided to run today! I really just felt my love of running rekindled on this run. I just feel “RIGHT” when I’m running. Simple as that. Can’t imagine life without my “me runs”! I kept telling myself to keep the pace down, it’s a recovery run after all but I just felt like going strong! I would say my effort was medium. Not too hard but not as easy as my long run pace either. I ran 4 miles in 39:50, with a 9:57 average pace. I felt really good about this! Surprised at how sore my legs WEREN’T from my 8 miler yesterday!


I always run with my IPOD because I just really love listening to music. A lot of times though, I am so spaced out I don’t even know what I’m listening too! Haha. But every run I always think I need to add different songs to my playlist. I literally have been listening to the same playlist for like 6 months! I recently have been listening to KLOVE (a Christian music station) a lot more that I used to. I love worship and I feel super close to God when I’m worshiping, doesn’t matter where I am, church, car, running, etc. So I was thinking about some good songs to add to my list and I wanted to share some that I thought of.


I absolutely LOVE, LOVE LOVE Casting Crowns and their newest song, Until the Whole World Hears, is AMAZING and I will be adding this to my playlist for sure!!

They are actually playing a concert in Memphis on October 15th! I would LOVE to see them! Anyone want to go with me?? :)


Here’s another one I really like. It’s by Britt Nicole called The Lost Get Found.

They are both pretty upbeat and I know they will be perfect for my playlist!!


Any other great running song suggestions would be GREAT!!


Sadie and I are having a girls night tonight! I’m already in my PJ’s and have a bunch of shows DVR’s to watch! I love relaxing nights!!


  1. A relaxing night in sounds wonderful!

    As far as running in the dark. You should probably so it without headphones just so you're more aware of what is around you, for safety. Aside from that, you can up the safety factor by adding a reflective vest / belt / blinking light,ID, and one of those little runners canisters of mace. I think your main worry should be cars as opposed to attackers - people pay so little attention when driving, you want to make sure you're seen!!

  2. Girl, I think it is just too dark in Oakland. I am no where near any street lights, so I can't bring myself to run in the dark. I am going to try to go as late as I can and not be late for work, but if its still pitch black, I'm just going to be on the treadmill:( I'm counting down the days til Nov. 1 (daylight savings...light at 6am again!!).