Rain, Rain Go Away… You Are Messing Up My Running Schedule!!

Good morning ya’ll!! It’s an ugly rainy day here and is supposed to be all week!! So I made a decision to hold off my long run until Thursday when there is a little less chance of rain. And the plan for this morning was to do my speed work session on the treadmill since the weather man told me that it was going to rain all day today! So I slept in until 7:30 because it really doesn’t matter what time I run on the treadmill! And has it rained one drop since I’ve woken up today?? Not one! Ugh… now that I’ve rearranged my running schedule it will probably rain all day Thursday… I don’t know why I don’t like running in the rain, especially since it’s still hot here. So it’s not like I will be cold, it’s not like I don’t like to be wet because I love to swim, so not sure what the hold up is! Guess I’m just not sure what to do with my iPod shuffle when it rains! Because I need to have it with me when I run! Haha.

So my speed work today was a warm up mile and then 8X400 with 90 sec recovery for a total of 4 miles. It was good, nothing to tell really. I completed it ok but by the last repeat I was getting pretty tired! I watched the show Greek that I recorded last night. When treadmill running you MUST have a good show to watch otherwise it’s just not doable! Ha!

Question: Do you always take a rest day off before your long run?? Since I am changing up my schedule this week because of the weather, I won’t be taking a day off before my long run and am a little nervous about it! Just wondering how it affects ya’ll! Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

PS: The sun just came out for a minute.. *scowl* never listen to the weathermen!!


  1. This weather is screwy this week! I tried to walk like 6 times yesterday and everytime I did it started raining! Ugh!

  2. I vote you take the shuffle in the rain. Those things are pretty tough. I once sat in a fountain/wading pool thing once after a race (as sort of an ice bath) and my shuffle was submerged for at least 15 minutes. I put it in a cup of dry rice for a day, and it was good as new!

  3. I agree with xCountry2 - I ran a 20 MILER in a DOWNPOUR the other day and I had my ipod in a arm band exposed the whole time. Never stopped working for me.

    I ALWAYS take the day before a long run off. ALWAYS.