Running and Wedding Dress Shopping!!

I am so sad Jaime and her daughter had to go home yesterday. We had a blast for the 5 days she was here! It went by way too fast!! Like I had said, we went wedding dress shopping Tuesday and of course I found something I love! Here is the link to the dress that I think would be perfect for my beach wedding. What do ya’ll think?? It just looked so pretty on and I am totally loving the flower thing with feathers! Plus it is totally under my budget!! The store I found it at is having a big sale in January so they told me to come order it then so I can get 20% off! Jaime and I actually found this dress in a magazine the night before we went dress shopping! Funny, right?? I would love to see what dresses ya’ll would choose for a beach wedding! Send me pictures and/or links!!

Onto my runs… I was supposed to do a 3 mile recovery run yesterday but I slept in late and was not feeling it yesterday afternoon. I am just not good at running in the afternoon! So that means I will be running Saturday instead. I did do a quick 4 mile bike ride and a walk with Sadie so I got some cross training in!! Today I did a 4 mile speed workout on the treadmill so I could catch up on some of my DVR’d shows! I watched GREEK while running. Anyone else watch that on ABC Family?? Anyway, I did a fartleck run of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy for a total of 4 miles with my warm-up. Didn’t do a cool down, just kept on with my intervals! It was a good workout, I was hot and sweaty by the time I was finished!

Well, gotta get back to reading/ studying. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much. I have been trying to catch up since I didn’t get much blog reading done while my BFF was in town! Who’s ready for the weekend?!? I am!!

wedding dress wtoo


  1. I absolutely love love love that dress!!!!! :)

  2. That dress is GORGEOUS! Absolutely beautiful! Perfect! And under budget AND 20% off?!?! Way to go girl!

  3. Dress shopping was my favorite part. Looks like you found a BEAUTIFUL one!

  4. The dress is beautiful!

  5. Wow very nice dress the flower is a lovely feature!

  6. I think that's the perfect beach wedding dress! I love the detail!!

  7. It's so pretty, and something different!

  8. Pretty dress! All flowy and such...definitely good for a beach wedding. :)

    With white flip flops, right??

  9. STUNNING dress!!

  10. Gorgeous wedding dress!! My favorite store for wedding dress shopping is Nordstrom... They provides great coupons on elegant stuff!!