The last few days

I’ve been busy the last few days with running, school, and family! Plus, I’ve been a little lazy from all this rain! Will it ever go away?? On to my runs for yesterday and today…

Yesterday was my long run, 8 miles. It sprinkled a little bit but the rain held off for most of the day. It was just around long enough to make it super humid. YUCK. My run was a little tough yesterday, I think due to 2 things.

1. I ate my normal 1/2 piece of ww bread with PB 1 hour before my long run (I did switch it up last week to a z-bar and think that worked MUCH better). Well, within like 0.2 of a mile, I had a side stitch. Great. It continued to come and go throughout my run. There were a few times where it was such a stabbing pain, that I had to stop and walk and stretch it out, so annoying!! And the PB bread just felt so heavy the entire run that I am thinking I won’t eat that pre run again!

2. I also did the first half of my run way too fast which made the second half really tough. I think mile 3 was at a 9:30ish pace! Too fast for me!

But I averaged a 10:45 pace with walk breaks and all so not too bad! I was actually pretty happy with that!!

Today was a recovery run and I ended up doing 3 miles instead of 4 because my legs were super tired and sore. I did 2 on the treadmill while it poured outside then jumped off the treadmill when I saw it was only lightly raining and went out for another 1 mile outside and made it back just in time before the lightning and thunder started! Whew! Good recovery run in my opinion!

My grandparents were in town yesterday so it was fun seeing them and spending time with my whole family. They are now with my parents up at our lake house, so I an babysitting my parent’s dog Georgia:) Sadie is totally loving it since Georgia is her best friend!! Well, off to make dinner! Hopefully I will be posting a good recipe if it turns out good!!


  1. It sounds like you're learning what really works for you with running - good work!

  2. I get side stiches too sometimes. I have no idea where the come from. So annoying. Do you give yourself enough time between eating and runnng? I need at least an hour if I'm doing a long run (wich is slow) or over two if I'm doing speedwork.

    RunninLaur's right though - sounds like your learning what's working and not working for you. Trial and error is the way to go. Good job regardless!