Google is AWESOME!!

Last night, I went over to Erin’s so she could show me just how neat Google is. I was completely clueless. The only thing I used Google for was to search. So, after the teaching on Google, we decided to do some Biggest Loser yoga. Well actually, there was a lot more laughing and talking than yoga going on! Morning exercise is so much better for us! Haha.


Anyway, back to Google…. Today I downloaded Google Chrome and started using Google Reader. Yes, I realize you all are saying to me “ where have you been?” Well, I have obviously not been caught up with the latest Google technology! Ha! I am totally loving both!! I have now decided to set up a Gmail account, and that’s what I need ya’lls input for! I can’t decide what my email address should be! I have 2 options, a fun one, and a more professional one. And, I don’t know which one to pick! I like the fun one because it would be easy to tell to people, but I’m thinking I may need a more professional one with my line of work and school (medical field for those of you who don’t know). What do ya’ll think? Here are my 2 options(and as of last night, they were both available):


1. Super cute, easy for people to spell without me having to spell it for them, same as my Twitter


2. This one is my initials and new last name. I know some of you may think I’m jumping the gun already trying to use my new last name, but there is no sense in me making one with my maiden name when it’s gonna change in 7 months! But, this one is more professional, easy since it’s my name, but I will constantly have to spell it for people when giving over the phone, etc.


Opinions?? Or, if you have any other suggestions, that would be great too! Thanks Erin for introducing me to a whole new world! Ha :)


I had a another good run this morning with my workout buddy! We did our usual 3 mile loop! I felt extra tired this morning for some reason. Maybe because it was my 3rd day in a row of running? Not sure. But tomorrow is a rest day and then 12 miles on Saturday! I also did day 4 of Whittle Your Middle.


The rest of my day consists of studying with classmates and then class this afternoon! Hope ya’ll have a fabulous day!


  1. I wish someone would show me google reader because I can't get into it. Ha!

  2. I haven't checked out the google reader yet... I need to though :) I like the secone email! I think it sounds more professional.

  3. I tried the google reader but it seems all too confusing to me, haha!!!

    I would go with the second email :)

  4. I can't believe you didn't use google reader before!! I'm in shock. Your world will never be the same!

    I would say go with the more professional email. You'll have to spell whatever your email address is (people are dumb...remember that!), and you probably don't want to be juggling multiple email accounts if you change your mind later.

  5. I would take both names (I have several in gmail).

    Just decide which you want to log in with all the time, and have the other one forwarded to the first email - then you'll be using both without even knowing it. I always log in with my professional one and then have runninglaur forwarded. Super easy.

  6. We definitely ate all of those cookies last night. You know how I said I was going to have some cereal?? I lied...I had cookies. So good!!

    "What is this creamy goodness in the center??"-Matt

  7. Google reader is the best. I couldn't manage all the blogs I read without it.

    Why not use both emails. One for personal and one for work? Yiu can have both emails dump into one inbox I believe.

    I've been thinking about getting a gmail account but the address I wanted was taken :(

  8. I wish I had been at your google learning session. I totally need help! I know what google reader is, but I just can't get into using it!

  9. why not do both? I have three emails. (I dont' like to mix bus. with pleasure I guess)

  10. Google reader is the best and gmail is my favorite email domain! That's what I have for work and I use it way more than my yahoo!