November 1

I can’t believe it’s already November!! This fall is sure flying by! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! Mine was very low-key. Just took Sadie over to the parents house and we helped hand out candy and then my mom and I watched the movie Vacancy. It was pretty good! I was surprised that we barely got any trick or treaters! I know it used to NOT be like that when I used to trick or treat. What does everyone do instead?? I ended up eating a ton of candy, YUM!! And I still have some left over at my house since I didn’t hand out candy there.


So today I decided I would do my 11 miler that I failed to do earlier this week. I really pumped myself up for this run so I could have a good attitude! I even brought some Swedish Fish candies to use as some fuel during my run. Note to self: Swedish Fish are a little chewy to try to run and eat. I was ending up just swallowing them whole! Haha. The weather was pretty nice for the run, about 64 degrees and sunny with light winds. I set off after church about 11:15 and there were a ton of people out! That’s always motivating. So, the first 4 miles or so were nice, I felt really good. I stopped at my car around mile 4 to grab some water and my fish to carry along with me. Another note to self: I HATE carrying things while running, even if it’s just a baggy full of Swedish Fish! My hands got so sweaty, yuck! I started trying to chew my fish around mile 5.5. I figured half way would be good so I could digest these suckers and get some energy!! It was kinda hard to run and eat but I bet if I was eating something less chewy and sticky, it wouldn’t be so bad. I really want to try those cliff shot blocks! Anyone ever try them?? Well by mile 8 I was really tired but I just kept pushing through. I was going a little slower by this point but felt like I was expending so much energy to just keep up that pace! I don’t know how some of you run marathons! I was exhausted after just 11 miles! Anyway, I finished up in 1:57:18, which is a 10:40 min/mile average pace. I’ll take it!! I’m just gonna be happy with finishing this half!!


Like I said, I felt tired during the last couple miles of my run but when I finished my run, I felt awful. Stomach cramps, nausea, lightheadedness… it was awful. I finished my run around 1:30ish and couldn’t even eat anything until around 4:00. And then I could only stomach a few saltines and some OJ. I had the worst nausea and cramps! Awful. I even felt bad just laying on the couch, like really weak. I would stand up and be super dizzy. I’m sure not eating for a few hours after my run didn’t help that but I’m really not sure what started it all. I mean I really didn’t do anything drastically different on my long run this week. So who really knows… I am hoping to have my appetite back tomorrow!!


Well, I am looking forward to taking my Anatomy test in the morning just to get it out of the way! I am so sick of studying this stuff! Wish me luck and good night!


  1. I'm so jealous of all you fabulous runners out there! My knee quit on me a few years back. Sigh.

  2. You're my inspiration girl, I have to hand it to ya!!!! :)