No Long Run Today!

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday to ya’ll!! I had a hard test yesterday in my Anesthesia class, that I had been studying for literally all week. I feel like I did pretty good though! Guess we will see! Unfortunately, I have my LAST Anatomy test on Monday so I had to come home from class yesterday and immediately start studying for that. And, that’s what my WHOLE weekend will consist of, especially all day today. I want to keep an A in that class so I need to be really well prepared for this test! But, I am SOOOO sick of studying! At least after this test on Monday I am off school for a week and a half! Yay!!


I had planned on doing my long run, 12 miles, today, but that didn’t really go as planned! I really wasn’t into it mentally, AT ALL! I slept in, because I didn’t want to get up and run. And once I got up, I played on the computer, reading blogs to procrastinate this run even more! And then, when I finally talked myself into putting clothes on and attempting this run, my Garmin wouldn’t turn on! So I spent a good while reading the handbook trying to figure out what to do! Luckily, I just had to reset it and it started working! So, I finally pushed myself out the door and from my first footstep all I could think about was “I don’t want to do this” over and over! After about 2 miles of this, I decided this run just wasn’t going to happen today, so I decided I would attempt again tomorrow and just finish this run as a 3 miler.


I think this was a really good decision because if I continued on, this run would have just been awful with the attitude I had about it. So, hopefully tomorrow will be better. I’m getting up early, because I seem to do better running when I’m up super early to do it! Haha! I think I am just burnt out on training! I still love running but the “training” part I’m sick of. Does that make sense?? I’m glad my race is almost here! Dec. 5th! I think my training plan was just too long but I will critique that after the race! Does anyone else ever get like this at the end of training plans?? I signed up for a Turkey Trot 4 miler for Thanksgiving, so at least I have that to look forward to next week!


Tomorrow we are doing Thanksgiving with one of Al’s grandparents and that side of the family, so that on top of a 12 miler is not going to leave me with a lot of study time so I have a ton to do today! Al has requested I make those PB cookies again to bring tomorrow because they were so good! He ate most of them! He would eat like 6-8 cookies at a time! Haha! So, I will be making those again today!


What are ya’ll doing this weekend? Anyone else going to Thanksgiving this weekend? I think it’s kinda fun because I still have his other side of the family and my family to do on Thursday! So it’s like 3 Thanksgivings! Good thing I’m a runner! Haha :)


  1. Sounds like a good idea to run before all the Thanksgiving festivities :) You can feel free to eat more pie!

    The strap on my handheld water bottle means that you don't actually have to grip it, so it's very easy to hold onto. I think that the Nathan version is more ergonomic than the FuelBelt one that I currently have, so I'd probably recommend that one. The 10oz of water is just enough that it's not too heavy for my weak little arms!