Hey everyone! How’s your Monday been? Mine’s been ok, mostly reading stuff for school and getting ready to head to Anatomy lab in a bit (gag me). I did get my car back, which I am so happy about, but wasn’t too excited to foot $428. Geez, cars can be so expensive!!


Like my title says, I have a houseguest this week, and her name is Georgia!




She is my parents dog (well actually mine, long story, but basically my parents wouldn’t give her up when I moved out!) and she is staying with me and Sadie this week while my parents are in Florida. They are going to do some wedding stuff! See the venue, meet with vendors, and scout out beach houses for my wedding in June. I am so sad I can’t go :( Stupid school always gets in the way! Haha.




Georgia loves to give kisses and hugs. She is the sweetest dog ever, well besides Sadie of course!




Her and Sadie are BFF’s and are gonna have some major fun this week!!




And here’s my little angel taking a nap. She has been sleeping ALL DAY! My brother’s dog Lexi really wore her out yesterday! Haha :)


No running today, it’s a rest day! Back to running early tomorrow morning with my Running Buddy Erin! Hope ya’ll have a fabulous night!


  1. That's nice of your parents to do some wedding work for school!

    But at least you get some fun company while you study!

  2. I agree, so sweet of your parents to scope things out for you...I'm getting an invite, right? haha :)

    And how cute is your house guest!!! :)

  3. Georgia is so cute!!!!!!