Thanksgiving Break!

It’s official! I had my LAST Anatomy test this afternoon and I am now officially on Thanksgiving Break! Yes!! And what time am I waking up on my first day of my break? 5:30am to go run with Erin! Guess that means I’m addicted! Haha :)


I made one of Erin’s recipes tonight and it turned out really good!! Here’s the recipe:


Potato Sausage Casserole

  • 1 lb kielbasa sausage (I used Italian turkey sausage)

  • 2.5 cups red potatoes, cut into bites

  • 1/2 green pepper chopped

  • 1 can cream of celery

  • 1/3 cup water

  • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese

*I also added some chopped onion to the casserole*

Preheat oven to 350. Layer in baking pan sausage (cut into pieces), potatoes and pepper.




Cook cream of celery, cheese and water until melted together.




Pour over pan.




Bake for 1 hour or until potatoes are tender.




I really enjoyed this! I think next time, I won’t use Italian sausage. Not a huge fan of that flavor. Regular turkey sausage would be much better.


I also have left over PB cookies and that’s not such a good thing! I just polished off three! I need Al here to eat the rest of them for me so I don’t! Haha :)


No running today, it was a scheduled rest day. I took Sadie on a walk and did Whittle My Middle instead. I am SOOO excited Thanksgiving is this week! Just can’t say it enough! Hope ya’ll have a wonderful night!


*I watched My Sister’s Keeper tonight and LOVED it!! Great movie, definitely a tear jerker!!*


  1. Congrats on finishing anatomy!! I hope you have an awesome break. :)

  2. That dish looks amazing!!!!!

    YAY for a break!!! Enjoy EVERY minute of it!!!! :)

  3. Girlfriend, that looks YUMMY!

  4. Yay for your break! I know you will enjoy it!

  5. Yummm! That looks delicious! Enjoy your break - and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. O..m..g...I would gobble up that entire casserole...YUM!!!