Wedding Update

I know, I know… I said I would be MIA this week but I guess I just can’t stay away! Haha.. I am taking a study break right now and thought I would post on here!! So, my parents just got back from Florida on Sunday. They were there taking care of wedding details, meeting with the planner, vendors, finding a house to rent, etc. I was sad I couldn’t go :( Stupid school! Anyway, I wanted to share some stuff they got accomplished for me!!


First up, table decorations!! I am using Calla Lilies for my flowers, so here is how I am having the florist do our tables.


calla lilies


We are not having the side vases with flowers, just the center one with calla lilies. There are also votive candles and yellow and white rose petals scattered around. I thought this was gorgeous! Our table cloths are a sheer blue overlay over the white table cloth. The blue color I’m using is a cobalt or Memphis blue, if you will :) My bouquet is going to be mini and large white calla lilies mixed together and my bridesmaids are going to have large yellow calla lilies. So I’m excited about that!


Now for the cake…


wedding cake


I am having Heidi of Bake My Day do my wedding cake. I’m basically having this cake, except it will be 3 layers and the blue swirl things are going to be a darker blue. The cake itself will be a vanilla cake with a vanilla crème and citrus filling for the top and bottom layers. And the middle layer is going to be vanilla cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache. Sounds yummy to me! I am also having a groom’s cake for Al. It’s going to be some sort of fishing scene that says “Al and Niki, Hook, Line, and Sinker!” Cute right?? And his cake is going to be a chocolate cake with strawberry filling and chocolate ganache. He has no clue a groom’s cake even exists so it’s gonna be a fun surprise!! So I am really excited about this too!!


Now for the honeymoon… I have a week and a half off for Thanksgiving from school so I am planning to make all our honeymoon plans then! Book everything! So, we decided we are going to go to San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sacramento for out honeymoon! I am SOOO excited about this!! So if you have ever been to these places, let me know if you have suggestions of where to stay or what to do!! I need some help, there’s way too many choices!!


Quick running update: I had another good 3 mile run with Erin this morning! It stayed dark almost the entire run because it’s so cloudy here! I also did my 2nd day of Whittle Your Middle Challenge! My abs are really feeling it! Well, I hope ya’ll have a great Tuesday! Must get back to studying!!


  1. Really really pretty. The cake looks gorgeous and sounds delicious.

  2. Girl, everything is going to tie in so well together. It's going to be beautiful!!!

    And I beat you are so stoked about the honeymoon. Going to be a blast!!! :)

    When you're in Florida, swing by and see me, haha!

  3. Love the wedding updates! :) The flowers/mock up look great. I know it's going to look so pretty!
    And your honeymoon choices sound so fun.. I've never been on the west coast so you will have to do a nice, long recap about it when you return! :)

  4. We had calla lillies, so you know I love those! I want to eat that cake!

  5. It's going to be so gorgeous Niki!

  6. I just love beach weddings! The calla lilies are such a gorgeous choice and your cake sounds so yummy especially with that raspberry filling! Yum!!

  7. It's been so long, I forgot how exciting it is to plan a wedding. Hope you're enjoying every single second of it!

  8. Very excited!! Cala lilies were my bouquet. Love them! Love the cake too!

    Soudns like a great honeymood. Wine country. nice!

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  10. It all sounds beautiful and yummy!

  11. LOVE the cake!!! I'm all about the desserts, as you know. Love it!