The last few days…

I have been a busy little bee the last few days and haven’t posted! Did ya’ll miss me?  :)


I first want to start by saying the Turkey Enchiladas that I made Tuesday night were awesome!! We have already eaten the leftovers! I did freeze some of the meat for an easy taco night some time in the future! Definitely try this recipe!! Last night I made Chicken Chili from a recipe I got a while back from IGE. Awesome recipe! Seriously, BEST CHICKEN CHILI EVER!! And of course, no chili dinner is complete without some sweet cornbread!! Do ya’ll eat regular or sweet cornbread?? I’ve always eaten sweet and am not a fan of regular!




On the running front… yesterday I had an awesome 6 miler! But, HOLY WIND!! It was so windy! At one point I was going down a hill into the wind and barely felt like I was moving! So much for enjoying those downhills!! I did a super hilly 6 mile route around my town and it was awesome! Ya’ll know I love those hills! Here’s my stats:


Time: 1:01:16

Avg. pace: 10:13

Mile 1: 10:16

Mile 2: 10:18

Mile 3: 10:16

Mile 4: 10:08

Mile 5: 10:20

Mile 6: 9:59


I felt great after this run! Didn’t run it too fast or too slow, right in the middle. I am happy with myself for keeping a pretty consistent pace! After my run, I went over to Erin’s to do some Biggest Loser yoga. It was fun to “attempt” the poses since I am the most inflexible person ever!! It did feel awesome to stretch out my muscles though! Hopefully I can become better at it as we do it more often! Haha. Does anyone else’s arms get super tired during yoga?? I swear, I could barely keep my arms lifted in the air! Haha.


This morning was another early morning 3 miler with Erin! It was pretty chilly again this morning, 39 degrees, but made for great running weather!! This run was much better than Tuesdays! Our time’s are getting better every time!! We have a nice early morning walk planned for the morning! There’s nothing like a great workout buddy to get you up at 5:30 am every morning to do some form of exercise!! I am loving it!!




I’ve been pretty busy doing school stuff this week. I finally finished my take home test yesterday. So glad that’s done! We had to write 35 test questions over a variety of topics and write rationales for the right and wrong answers. Very time consuming! I am so glad I’m not a teacher because making test questions is hard!! Today, I get to go to The Med (one of the hospitals here in Memphis) and get to see and learn how to use and anesthesia machine! I am so excited!!


Well, this post is long enough and my doggies are begging for a walk so I better get going! Hope ya’ll have a great Thursday!!


Question: Is it too early to start listening to Christmas Music?? I am so ready for it!!


  1. I love sweet cornbread!
    I can't do the Christmas music yet, but I think WRVR is unfortunately about to start with their annual Christmas music!

  2. We run a very similar pace... to bad we didn't live near each other. I so want a running buddy.

    I'm not ready for Christmas at all. I was shocked to see that Santa is already at the mall.

  3. I didn't know there were two different kinds of cornbread?! I must like sweet. I'm so trying those enchiladas!

  4. Girl, have you ever had jalapeno cornbread? AMAZING!!!!

  5. I'm trying to find a good yoga video to do. I'm terribly inflexible too.