Running Buddies Make Running Just A little More Fun!!

How many of ya’ll have running buddies out there?? I have been the runner that has never really had a running partner (AKA “Buddy”) and it’s made me a little sad. I was always slightly jealous when reading all the wonderful running blogs and the different people they get to run and train with. I always pushed away my slight jealousy with the thought that I like running alone, I get to listen to my music, run whatever pace I want, think about things… until I started getting bored on my long runs and knew I needed a change. Heck, I was bribing myself with Swedish Fish candy to complete my long run this past week! I was longing for someone to run with on any of my runs during the week, not just my long run. And today was the first day that I ran with my new Running Buddy!!


Well, she’s not really new to me at all!! Erin and I have known each other since High School! And now since we live really close to each other (like 5 mins away) and are both runners, we can officially be friends and Running Buddies!! Yay!! I was so excited to do our first run this morning!! We were able to head out early since the sun is now coming up around 6 am which made for a pretty run with great temps!! I think it was right around 50 degrees.  We ran a 1 mile loop around her neighborhood 3 times (3 miles) that had a nice mix of flat and hilly stretches. And the best part of the run? We talked the ENTIRE time and the 3 miles flew by! I really was amazed when our Garmins were beeping 3 miles! That’s definitely the way to run, with a buddy!! I’m looking forward to our Thursday morning run!


  1. I think its funny that we both wrote about each other today. I don't want to run by myself again! Haha!

  2. I'm glad you found a running buddy! Here's to many more runs together!

  3. OK, I am officially jealous. I just blogged about this very subject yesterday. None of my friends are runners, well one tries but doesn't make the time so I run by myself. You are so lucky to have found a friend to run with.

  4. That’s awesome. I know having a running buddy has to make the time go by!!