These Brownies Have GOT TO GO!!

Hey friends!! Hope you have had a GREAT weekend! I had a really good day today!! It started off with a really good church service this morning!! We had a guest pastor since our pastor is in Indonesia, and he spoke all about daily quiet times with God. He called them “Priority Times” because God is not quiet during your time with him! Loved that!!

Let’s back up to breakfast! I had the same Raspberry Oatmeal I made from yesterday:


Love this combo!! Isn’t it pretty with those bright red raspberries?!?


And some coffee in a fish mug :) Guess who’s mug that is?! Dad’s!


After church it was running time! I was so NOT into running today. Ugh. I think Sundays need to become a rest day because I never accomplish the mileage I am supposed to. I never feel like running after church on Sundays. Not really sure why… I didn’t really have a set mileage for today but wanted to do a longer run since the weather was pretty nice. Well, I thought it was!! The wind was pretty strong and chilly. Boo wind!! So I only managed to do 3 miles. I didn’t even want to finish 3, but I forced myself to! At least my pace was awesome! 8:57 min/mile!! That’s probably why I felt so tired during this run!! I also did 25 minutes of strength training after my run. I did arms, legs, and abs and did minimal rest in between sets so I was pretty sweaty and out of breath by the end!!

I want to talk a little bit about my racing plans for this Spring… I had originally planned on running the Germantown Half Marathon and the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon, but I’m not sure that’s gonna be happening. As sad as I am to say this, I just haven’t and won’t have enough time to train to run these races like I want to :(  I haven’t decided I’m NOT doing them for sure yet, but it’s looking more and more like that is going to happen. Long runs have just not been happening like they should have been, mainly due to weather and school time constraints. Right now, school is taking up so much time and needs to be my priority before running long mileages. But, never fear, I still will be running and working out the majority of days! I just can’t commit to long mileages to be ready for a half marathon in a few weeks. I feel disappointed in myself. I don’t like straying from my plans but sometimes that’s just what happens! I am looking forward to concentrating more on increasing my pace and doing a lot more strength training! Gotta get those muscles looking GREAT before my wedding!!


Ok, on to the rest of my eats for the day! Lunch was totally random!!


2 leftover mini pizza slices from last night, 2 mini pickles, some cheddar popcorn, and some cottage cheese with strawberries.


This combo of strawberries and cottage cheese is AMAZING! Where have I been and why have I not created this before?? I made sure and picked up both of these things at the store today, so you will definitely be seeing this recreated throughout the week!


This random jumble of food was just what I wanted!!


After lunch, I headed back to my house to see the damage that the plumbers did to my floors yesterday and to clean up the mess. I thought it would be a ton dirtier than it was!! I had to vacuum and mop the floors twice to get all the dust up, but other than that it wasn’t bad!!


I actually thought the hole was going to be so much bigger and look so much worse!!


I can definitely live with that for a few weeks until the floor guys can come and lay all new hardwood in my house! Not bad at all!! I am really happy with the job the plumbers did! Well, that is, as long as my toilets don’t back up again! EVER! Haha!


Ok, I have a confession. I have almost eaten the whole pan of brownies by myself that I made last week! The fiancĂ© hasn’t had one (not sure why not) and they are almost gone! So that means, I have been going a little BROWNIE CRAZY!! They are so good! But seriously, these brownies have got to go! Luckily they are almost gone! I’m sure I will be the one to finish them off tomorrow! Haha. I am not making these again unless I have someone else to eat them! They are just too good! So I bet you can’t guess what I had for snack today…


Um yes, that would be a brownie and tea!


Check out what I got yesterday from the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program!!


2 different kinds of pasta sauce from Bertolli!! Can’t wait to use these! I’m sure they will be used sometime this week so keep your eyes out for some good pasta pictures!!


Dinner tonight was just as random as lunch was!


A huge salad, more mini pickles, and some chips and salsa! Everything I was craving! Sometimes, you just gotta have random food days!


I love chips and salsa! Especially the SALSA part!! I could eat salsa with a spoon! I love it THAT MUCH!


And a salad full of a bunch of veggies with Annie’s Goddess dressing.

And I bet you can’t figure out what I had for dessert….


Some more brownies! Someone take them away!!


On the wedding front, I got my wedding shoes today!! I made sure to take some pics so I could share them with y’all!!


Cute right?!?




Do y’all like them?? I think they are PERFECT!! And they weren’t expensive either!! That’s a good thing since I won’t be wearing them for the ceremony or pictures at all (since we are having a beach wedding). I will only be wearing them for the reception!


I bought some fun new things at the grocery store today that I am so excited to try out! My most anticipated thing that I bought is Kefir!! I have been seeing it on Allie’s blog like everyday, so I knew I had to try it! I am planning on testing it out in the morning so be sure to check back!!


So sad the Olympics are over! Now I have time to catch up on all my other shows though!! Hope y’all have a GREAT night!!


  1. I love the shoes!! Great choice!

  2. Beautiful shoes and eats!!

  3. Just catching up. DANG that floor is nuts. And I love love love those shoes