Quick Catch Up

I feel like all my posts are titled this recently!! Sorry for being MIA this week. School has been so busy and I’ve been exhausted trying to fit everything in!! I have 1 test this coming week then I’m off to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding! It will be so fun and a much needed break!!

Running this week has been really random and sporadic. None of them have really been exciting or all that great. I was able to take Sadie running a few days ago and we increased her walk/ run ratio to 3 minutes running/ 1 minute walking for 2 miles! She did great!! I love running with my little Beagle :)

I have a 5k race today that my whole family is doing! Its the Mears on Wheels 5k and it’s to raise money for a new motorized wheelchair for the soccer coach at my old high school. It’s amazing how much those wheel chairs cost!! So all you people in Memphis, come run this one! It’s at 2pm today at Johnson Park in Collierville!!

Not sure how well I will do in this race since my running has kinda been sporadic the last few weeks. Plus it’s at an odd time so who knows how my stomach will act! The weather looks nice except for the 20mph winds! Either way it should be fun! Plus my whole family will be there and then we are going to Mellow Mushroom for pizza! Yummy!!

We had some pretty bad weather yesterday, but all the rain made everything so green! I was so lazy yesterday and spent the whole day watching The Hills reruns! I love that show and am so excited for the new (and last) season to start Tuesday! Looks like it will be really interesting! Any other Hills fans? I was so surprised at how different Heidi’s face looks now compared to it in season 1. Poor girl, was so much prettier before all the plastic surgery.

Well guys, I think that’s all for now. I’m going to late church this morning so I am currently watching more Hills reruns! Haha! Have a great Sunday!!


  1. After I read your tweets about The Hills marathon, I flipped over and have been sucked in ever since. Heidi really was a lot prettier now she just looks so generic.

    Btw, your Quick Cornbread recipe has become a house favorite around here. Thanks for sharing that! :)