I Love Ice Cream!

Happy Hump Day! Half way to the weekend!! Yay!! My day didn’t start off so well… The test I took this morning was super tough! All my class mates thought so. I’m dreading seeing what my grade is! But, after the test, I decided to give myself a school free day!! It was so nice and I got a lot accomplished!! I cleaned, planted some flowers, balanced my checkbook, did some laundry, and caught up on my DVR and magazine reading! It was quite nice!!


I opted to do a speed work session on the treadmill today since there were wind gusts of 30mph! I don’t know what is up with the wind lately! It’s been crazy!! My run was tough! I had planned to do 1 mile warm up and 4X800 with recovery for a total of 4 miles. Well, I only made it 3 miles before I was dying so I called it a day. You win some, you lose some right? Hopefully I will have some better runs this weekend.

After running I finished up walking 1 mile and then took Sadie on a mile walk. Later this afternoon I walked another 2 miles on the treadmill while watching 90210 reruns. Lots of walking today!!


Let’s talk eats!!



Banana Oatmeal topped with Naturally More PB, Raspberries, and Shredded Coconut. I have missed my NM PB so much!! Glad I have it back in my life :) Spring Blend coffee on the side of course, and this morning was a 2 cup kinda morning!!


Doesn’t this look good?!? I love how pretty the Raspberries make it look!



I had the same Turkey and Swiss Bagel Sandwich as yesterday with a yogurt parfait on the side.


Turkey, Swiss, Cucs, and Mustard on a Bagel Thin. Make sure and toast the Bagel Thin and Melt the cheese on the Turkey. Delish!


Strawberry Chobani Greek Yogurt, Cantaloupe, and 1/4 cup PB Granola. Yum, yum!! I love yogurt parfaits!! This was the last of my Cantaloupe, so sad :(



I had a mix of cereal as my afternoon snack. 3/4 cup Oh’s and 1/2 cup Quaker Oat Squares. Erin tells me they have the Cinnamon Quaker Oat Squares again! Can’t wait to try those!!


I also had a cup of Orange-Black Tea



I wanted something quick and easy for dinner so I whipped up some Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I added spinach and tomatoes to it for some oomph! It was good, kind of bland tasting though. Think it was missing something but I’m not sure what else I could have added… Any ideas?


And on the side: an Orange and some Roasted Cauliflower with Ketchup for dipping! I think Roasted Cauliflower might be my favorite Roasted Veggie! I love it!!


I bet you can’t guess what I had! Haha, Ice Cream of course! Just can’t get enough of the Samoa Ice Cream!!


I had 3/4 cup (1.5 servings) and it was AMAZING!! I love ice cream so much and just can’t seem to cut it from my diet. That’s why I am making sure I have enough calories each night to have some! Priorities, right?!

What is your favorite ice cream? My ABSOLUTE favorite is Cake Batter from Coldstone but I haven’t had it in forever! We don’t have a Coldstone close anymore so I am not able to get it :( But don’t worry, I make up for it with other flavors!!

I am so excited to read my new Runner’s World tonight!! Do y’all get that magazine? It’s my absolute fave!!

Well, gotta get to that! Have a great night! Fingers crossed that it doesn’t storm too bad here! Good night!


  1. I had that Samoa ice cream recently, its delish!

  2. Who in the world doesn't love ice cream?!?! I just tried Cold Stone for the first time last night. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day hun!

  3. Love the bagel thins. Have you tried the everything one? They are SO good.

  4. Cold Stone ice cream is about to open in the city where I live. I have never had it before. I'm excited. Any other suggestions on great flavors?

  5. My fav ice cream is vanilla with oreos crushed in it.