Great Run and Yummy Recipe!

Hey friends!! This is gonna be short and sweet because I only have 10 minutes until Glee comes on!! Any other Glee fans?? I love it :)

I have been a busy little bee the past couple of days, mostly due to studying, class, and other school work! Ugh, can’t wait until this semester is OVER!!


I had an ok 3 miler on Sunday before church. Wasn’t too hard but didn’t feel too easy either. Yesterday I took off from running and ended up walking 4 miles, half outside with Sadie and half on the treadmill, and also did some arm strength training! I’m sore today from those weights too!! This morning, I got up and went on a 4 mile run. The weather is so nice in the mornings!! I love it and it made for a really great run! My average pace for the 4 miles was 9:36 and I had negative splits! Gotta love that :) Now I just wish my Plantar Fascitis wasn’t bothering me so much today. Gotta remember to keep stretching!!


On to my yummy dinner recipe that I made tonight!! Chicken Pot Pie by IGE!! I know I’ve posted this recipe before and it’s just so yummy!! The nutrition info is really good too! Let me know if you would like it, I calculated it all out today since I’m counting calories.


I like to make them in individual bowls. One for me and one for the fiancé :)


Love the crescent roll topping and there are TONS of veggies underneath! This is a must try recipe!!


On the calorie counting front, it has still been going well! I have been doing it for a total of 3 weeks now and have lost about 4 lbs! It really isn’t that hard at all!! Just wanted to give y’all an update :)

And I am off to watch Glee (and probably eat a small bowl of ice cream! Couldn’t stay away for long!) Goodnight!!


  1. I've never eaten a pot pie before.

    I'm watching my calories too. Hopefully I'll get the same results as you.

  2. Mmm, love the looks of your pot pie. I was actually thinking of making this because I have Puff Pastry I need to use.

    Have a wonderful week Nikki!

  3. Chick pot pie is one of my favorites! I make it from the bisquick box! :)

  4. I have never watched Glee but have heard so much about it! Need to check it out!!

  5. Thanks for sharing!!! The chicken pot pie looks great!

  6. 4 pounds in 3 weeks sounds perfect! I know how school can wear you out. Hang in there!