Running Rant

Hey friends! I'm blogging from my phone tonight because the fiancé is being a computer hog! Haha :)

I'm going to start my running rant now... I have had the suckiest runs the past 2 days. No, scratch that, the last week! Ever since I gave blood a week ago, my runs have been awful. I took the next day off from running after giving blood. But the following day, Tuesday, I had a super tough 4 miler. Like I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. I just thought it was an off day. The next day, Wednesday, I ran/walked with Sadie and that was tough too. I was breathing so hard and I'm never like that! The next day I ran, Friday, I could barely make it 2 miles. I felt so pathetic. So, I didn't have too may goals set for my 5k race yesterday, seeing as how awful my runs had been. I sucked the 5k up, bad. Worst 5k time for me EVER! I ran it in 31:27 and the worst part wad, that I had to start walking at mile 1. At one point, I could barely run for 1 minute before I was so breathless that I had to stop and walk. I felt so defeated. I was so upset.

I was going to try to redeem myself today with a good 3 mile run, but again that didn't happen. By mile 1 I was dying. I wasn't going any faster than normal, actually a bit slower. My legs felt like lead, my heart was beating out of my chest, and I couldn't catch my breath. I decided to cut it down to 2 miles since I wad already dying at mile 1. I was so determined to not walk! At one point, I got really lightheaded but kept on. Not smart, I know. But I am super stubbon and I was so determined. I made it 2 miles, my time was 18:20 or something similar. Not too bad, but I defintely should have been able to run it much faster and I shouldn't have felt the way I did. I felt so tired, like I just finished running 10 miles. Seriously, something has to be going on. I mean, 2 weeks ago I was running 4-5 miles 5 times a week and now I can barely make it 2?! Something is definitely not right.

I did a little research on giving blood and running and I found a few sources that said it can take up to 4 weeks for your blood cells to replentish themselves. And your red blood cells are the ones that carry oxygen (if you didn't already know that).Wish I would have known that before I gave blood! I'm thinking I'm just taking an extra long time to replentish my RBC and that's why I'm so tired. But man, I can really tell a difference! I just want to be back to normal! So frustetating!!

In other news, I got to see Katie ( at the 5k yesterday! We probably haven't seen eachother since high school! It was so good to see het and she defintely rocked her first 5k!! (not sure how to hyperlink from my iPhone!)

And I will leave y'all with a picture of Sadie!

I bought this toy for her, for her bday and she carries it around with her everywhere! She even likes to lay on it! Haha. Have a great night!!

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  1. Girl you are a TOTAL bada$$ for posting that from your phone. I can hardly tweet a few words that make sense from my phone! I bet giving blood just totally depleted your iron stores, etc. I'm not doctor or nurse but it does take a little while for that pint to get back in your system. Are you still meat free? Maybe a good burger or a ginormous spinach salad can give you a boost?

  2. I have never heard of the correlation between giving blood and running, but I do know what its like to feel like you are just so "off" with running. I went through this for the past few months and I am just now starting to get back to my normal routine. I think overtime, we just put so much ware and tare on our bodies with running, that we are bound to have a period of "bad running." I would say a little hiatus from running would do you wonders. I know it will be so hard to do, but trust me, it will be so good for you and your body! :)
    Take care hun and hang in there. It will get better, promise!

  3. Thank you!! :) I definitely agree from reading this that something is up with your body. Don't let it frustrate you--it will be back to normal soon! Maybe some iron pills? Do they have iron shots?

    Have you been on any other medications? I took some medicine a few weeks ago and I was EXHAUSTED that whole weekend..thought it was allergies until I went back later and researched it a little more.

    Good luck--I hope you have a better rest of the week!! Rest up a little bit!

  4. You did all that with your iPhone. Your good. I would have summarized that post in about four senteces.

    I would never have guessed giving blood would have affected you for that long. Yikes. Maybe you should eat some red meat....

  5. Ooooh, I know you are super frustrated about this! I would be, too! I know you'll be back killing it soon!

  6. Girl….. don’t be so hard on yourself. I know it will get better once your body gets back to normal after giving blood!! :)

    Miss chatting with you. Hope you're doing well!!!